Vertical Roller Mill Volcanic Ash Powder Processing Technology

Release date: 2023-06-12

The grinding process of natural pozzolan materials consumes a lot of energy. After grinding, the particles of natural pozzolan materials are irregular, with many edges and corners, and the fluidity ratio is relatively small. In addition, natural pozzolan materials are natural materials with relatively low activity. Therefore, the vertical roller mill for volcanic ash pulverization has become a new ideal equipment for volcanic ash pulverization. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of volcanic ash powder making vertical roller mill, will introduce you to the process and application of volcanic ash powder making vertical grinding mill today.

Vertical Roller Mill Volcanic Ash Powder Processing Technology

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Application of volcanic ash pulverizing vertical mill: With the advancement of infrastructure construction such as civil engineering, water conservancy, and transportation, the consumption of concrete, the largest civil engineering material, has reached 5 billion cubic meters worldwide. Fly ash, slag powder, silicon Mineral admixtures such as ash can improve the workability of concrete, delay the heat release rate of hydration, reduce concrete cracking, and improve the durability of concrete. It is one of the key technologies to achieve high-performance concrete. However, due to developed industries, some countries or regions lack traditional mineral admixtures. If they insist on using traditional mineral admixtures, they need to be transported over long distances. The cost is high and the time is uncontrollable. It is urgent to find alternative materials. Natural pozzolanic materials refer to a large amount of lava, debris, and dust deposited by volcanic eruptions on the ground surface or water to form loose or slightly cemented substances, including a wide range, including volcanic ash, pumice, zeolite rock, basalt, andesite, tuff , diatomaceous earth, etc. These natural pozzolanic materials are used in concrete as admixtures, which have similar effects to artificial pozzolanic materials such as fly ash, burnt clay, and burnt shale, and can be used as mineral admixtures.

Volcanic ash pulverization vertical mill process: natural volcanic ash material source is screened with 9.5mm and 16mm square hole sieves, and processed into smaller particles by jaw crusher. Put the natural pozzolan material between 9.5mm and 16mm into the pozzolan vertical mill for grinding, and put the compound mineral admixture with the mass fraction of the natural pozzolan material of 10-20% into the pozzolan vertical mill for mixed grinding. The natural pozzolan material grinding additive with a mass fraction of 0.1-0.5% of the natural pozzolan material is put into the grinding equipment for grinding for 1-3 minutes to produce finely ground natural pozzolan material. The composite mineral admixture is formed by mixing fly ash and silicon powder according to the mass ratio (70-80): (20-30). Volcanic ash pulverizing vertical mill can reduce the energy consumption of natural pozzolan material grinding, and the processed natural pozzolan material has better technical indicators, which overcomes the shortcomings of high energy consumption and poor technical indicators of natural pozzolan material grinding.

Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of volcanic ash powder-making vertical mills. Our volcanic ash powder-making vertical mills, volcanic ash Raymond mills and other equipment provide good grinding equipment for volcanic ash materials such as basalt, zeolite, tuff, and pumice. Grinding stations have a wealth of application cases. If you have purchase requirements for volcanic ash powder milling vertical mill, please leave us a message for details.

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