Optimization of Stone Grinding Machine in Brick Factory

Release date: 2023-06-13

Many sintered brick factories are put into operation every year, but due to the low level of technology and equipment, small factories, high operating costs, and poor product quality make it difficult for enterprises to move forward. The main reason is that engineering design errors and key equipment can not or can not meet the process indicators. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of Stone grinding machines for brick factories, has participated in the design of brick factory equipment projects for many times, and provided high-quality stone grinding mill equipment for brick factories. Today we will introduce to you the optimization plan of the stone mill production line in the brick factory.

Optimization of Stone Grinding Machine in Brick Factory-Raymond mill

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The stone grinding mill production line in the brick factory uses shale as the main raw material, and mixes about 45% of power plant fly ash to produce sintered porous bricks, hollow bricks and sintered blocks. The key technology for the production of high-volume fly ash hollow bricks is material homogenization, but the premise of homogenization is that the binder must have a reasonable particle size and gradation.

The traditional process generally adopts hammer crusher, cage crusher, high-speed fine crushing roller crushing machine, and the fineness is generally controlled at 2mm~3mm; the amount of fly ash is generally below 20% (weight ratio), and the product qualification rate is at About 90%, the power consumption of 10,000 bricks is 600 kWh-620 kWh, and the heat consumption is 1600 kJ/kg~1800 kJkg. The production line of 60 million fly ash bricks consumes about 2600 tons of standard coal every year.

After using the pendulum mill and related processes, the particle size of the binder shale is controlled below 1 mm, of which particles below 0.5 mm account for more than 80%. The amount of fly ash in the production of sintered hollow bricks and porous bricks and solid bricks is 40%, .45%, and .50%. The stone mill production line of the brick factory uses fly ash and shale as raw materials, and adopts Guilin Hongcheng HC series large pendulum mill to finely process the shale raw materials, which not only ensures the particle size of the materials, but also greatly improves the quality of the materials. Subsequent processing performance improves molding efficiency. The code cutting and conveying system adopts advanced billet cutting and grouping and loading and unloading systems, and PLC automatic control throughout the whole process: a multi-point intensive thermal monitoring system is used to implement comprehensive monitoring and partial control of the working system of the drying room and tunnel kiln, maximizing Fully guarantee the drying quality and the stability of the thermal system. The hollow brick process equipment is complex, the degree of mechanization is high, and the investment is larger than that of ordinary brick and tile factories. A production line of fly ash hollow bricks with an annual output of 60 million pieces (folded and sintered ordinary bricks) has a payback period of 4 to 6 years.

The technical indicators that can be achieved by using Guilin Hongcheng HC series brick mill stone mill: feed particle size (shale): ≤20 mm; raw material particle size after grinding (shale): ≤0.5 mm; aging time: ≥72 h; Molding moisture content: ≤14%~16%; Molding pressure: 2 MPa~2.5 MPa; Vacuum degree: ≤-0.09 MPa; Drying pass rate: 98%; Drying cycle: 37 h ; Firing cycle: 57 h. When adopting the HC series brick factory stone mill production line for process design, the physical and chemical indicators of fly ash and shale raw materials have been fully studied, and the raw material processing equipment has been selected in a targeted manner, and good results have. The shale is roughly crushed by jaw crusher or ring hammer crusher, and then sieved by electric vibrating sieve. The material under the sieve is directly supplied to the first mixer and mixed with fly ash and water, and the material on the sieve is supplied to the pendulum mill. The pulverizer is finely crushed, which not only improves the particle gradation of the material, but also improves the efficiency of the stone mill in the brick factory.

As a manufacturer of stone grinding mills, Guilin Hongcheng's HC series large pendulum mills, HLM series coal gangue vertical mills and other equipment have been widely used in large-scale hollow brick factory production projects and have a good reputation. If you have purchase needs of stone mill, welcome to leave us a message for equipment details.

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