How Granite Mills Are Used in the Production of Antique Bricks

Release date: 2023-06-09

Granite slab is a high-quality building material, which is widely used in masonry and decoration of high-end and luxurious buildings and structures. With the development of modern buildings, the demand for granite slabs has increased rapidly, further driving the mining and processing of granite. However, due to the traditional production methods used in the mining of granite resources, the yield of stone materials is only about 25%. The backward mining technology has led to the production of a large amount of yellow granite scraps and a large amount of stone powder and slurry during processing. So, is there any use for these granite grind? As a manufacturer of granite grinding machines, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you an application of granite grinding machines today: the method of using granite grinding mills in the production of antique bricks.

How Granite Mills Are Used in the Production of Antique Bricks-Granite Raymond Mill

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Antique tiles belong to ordinary ceramic tiles, which are basically the same as ceramic tiles. The only difference is that during the firing process, antique tiles imitate the old style and are essentially glazed porcelain tiles, with a unique classical charm. Attracting people's attention, in order to reflect the vicissitudes of time and the weight of history, antique bricks create a nostalgic atmosphere through styles, colors and patterns. Traditional ceramic production is generally based on the mining of albite ore as raw material. However, albite mines only appear in certain areas, and the number of them is very limited, which has caused problems such as very poor raw material resources for ceramic production, high freight costs, and high production costs. The use of granite waste to manufacture antique bricks not only solves the problem of granite waste polluting the local environment, making granite waste turn waste into treasure, but also provides a new raw material for ceramic production.

The method of using granite grinding mill for antique brick production: using granite waste and some local raw materials (such as specific iron, silicon content feldspar, specific iron content sand, specific iron, aluminum content clay and red clay) as One of the raw materials for making antique bricks. Blank preparation (ratio of materials→granite milling machine→milling)→glaze preparation (ratio of materials→granite milling machine→milling)→press molding→glaze printing→firing, edging and other production processes The process of producing antique bricks. Compared with the traditional use of albite ore as a raw material, the method has the advantages of abundant raw material resources and low cost. The waste produced during the mining process of granite and the stone powder and slurry produced during the processing process are used as one of the raw materials for making antique bricks. The raw materials are ground to about 250 meshes by using a granite milling machine, which solves the problem of a large amount of yellow granite waste. The discharge of waste caused serious environmental pollution and waste of resources, which not only achieved the purpose of waste utilization and beautification of the environment, but also provided a new type of raw material for ceramic production.

As a manufacturer of granite milling mill, Guilin Hongcheng produces Raymond mills, vertical mills and other granite milling machines, which are widely used in the utilization of granite waste, providing a solid foundation for turning granite waste into treasure. With the help of good equipment, it can process 80-2500 mesh granite stone powder. If you have purchase needs for granite grinding machines, please leave us a message for details.

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