Vertical mill ultrafine aluminum hydroxide process

Release date: 2023-10-18

The Vertical mill ultrafine aluminum hydroxide process can be divided into two production processes: chemical method and physical method. The chemical method uses sodium aluminate solution as raw material, adds aluminum hydroxide seeds for seed separation treatment, then separates the slurry from liquid to solid, washes the separated solids, and then processes them after drying to obtain the product. The median particle size of the product can reach between 1-2um. The physical method uses aluminum hydroxide coarse powder as raw material and uses grinding equipment for physical crushing or cyclone collection to obtain ultra-fine-grained aluminum hydroxide. The median particle size of the product can reach between 3-5um. Aluminum hydroxide vertical mill is an ideal equipment for producing ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide powder by physical method.

Vertical mill ultrafine aluminum hydroxide process

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Aluminum hydroxide is widely used in chemical, ceramic, coating and papermaking industries. Ultrafine aluminum hydroxide has special properties that ordinary aluminum hydroxide does not have due to its finer particle size. For example, ultrafine aluminum hydroxide serves as a flame retardant. It can greatly improve the flame retardant performance, can be used as raw material for preparing ultrafine alumina, can be used to prepare high-performance catalysts, can be used as an additive for coatings and papermaking, and can also be used to prepare bioceramics and nanocomposites.

The vertical mill ultrafine aluminum hydroxide process adds modification steps in the preparation process to effectively reduce the dispersion of the raw aluminum hydroxide and ensure the stability of the thickness of the material layer of the raw aluminum hydroxide in the crushing equipment, thereby achieving hydrogenation. The long-term and stable operation of the alumina vertical mill enables long-term and stable crushing of the raw material aluminum hydroxide, so that the median particle size of the ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide powder reaches 1-3 μm, the largest particle reaches less than 20um, and the specific surface area reaches 8 - 12m2/g, which makes the ultrafine aluminum hydroxide powder have high surface active energy, reduces the agglomeration of finer particles, and obtains aluminum hydroxide products with fine particle size.

The process flow of vertical mill ultrafine aluminum hydroxide is as follows: modifying aluminum hydroxide by spraying a modification liquid (including water, silane, one of silicone oil and stearic acid) onto aluminum hydroxide to obtain modified aluminum hydroxide. Aluminum hydroxide is coarsely pulverized by a vertical mill to obtain crude powder. By adjusting the vertical mill classifier, the coarse powder is classified to obtain ultra-fine aluminum hydroxide powder.

Hongcheng aluminum hydroxide vertical mill has the characteristics of large production capacity, low energy consumption and high crushing ratio. The production capacity can reach 2 tons/hour, and the power consumption is as low as 250kwh/T. The process of vertical grinding ultrafine aluminum hydroxide is overall simple and easy to operate, and the products produced can meet the needs of the boehmite industry. If you have purchasing needs for aluminum hydroxide vertical mills, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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