Sand Powder Raymond Mill

Release date: 2023-10-19

Artificial sand production is the most technical and difficult link in the production of sand and gravel aggregates, and it is particularly important for roller compacted concrete. In order to ensure the stone powder content of the finished sand and gravel, it is necessary to process finer sand powder through a sand powder Raymond mill.

Sand Powder Raymond Mill

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The sand and gravel production system uses wet and dry screening methods, that is, wet screening is used for primary screening and secondary screening, and dry screening is used for third screening. There are sand for normal concrete and roller compacted concrete in the sand and gravel production system, and the stone powder content of the sand for normal concrete is 6% ~ 12%, and the sand for roller compacted concrete is 15% ~ 19%. The requirements for stone powder content have greatly increased. Since the stone powder content of the sand produced by the secondary screening did not meet the design requirements, and the fine sand and stone powder recovered by the secondary screening stone washing water through the stone powder recovery device were mixed with the finished sand, the stone powder content still did not meet the requirements. In order to ensure the stone powder content and stability of the finished sand, it is usually necessary to introduce a Raymond mill powder production line.

After adding stone powder to the Raymond mill pulverizing production line, the stone powder content of the sand can meet the design requirements, but the production volume of the secondary screening is too restricted and cannot meet the high-intensity construction requirements of the dam. Under this premise, the HC series of large-scale pendulum sand powder Raymond mills developed and produced by Guilin Hongcheng can adjust the sand powder ratio according to concrete needs. One piece of equipment can produce powder and sand at the same time, and the output is higher than that of ordinary Raymond mills. Output is about 2.5 to 4 times, effectively reducing energy consumption. The HC3000 model is a super-large Raymond mill that can meet the ever-expanding industrial scale production needs and greatly improve equipment efficiency to meet the output requirements of the sand and gravel production system.

In addition to sand powder Raymond mills, the HLM series vertical mills produced by Guilin Hongcheng are also popular in sand and gravel production systems. If you have stone powder processing and production needs, please leave us a message for equipment details.

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