Vertical grinding roller wear mechanism

Release date: 2023-10-23

The grinding roller is the component used to grind materials in vertical mill equipment. Even though it is a seemingly small component, it is subjected to huge pressure and vibration during operation, and the operating environment is a high temperature environment of about 200°C, so the wear is relatively serious. In addition, there are some other reasons that will aggravate the wear of the grinding roller. Today, the vertical mill manufacturer Guilin Hongcheng will explain the wear mechanism of the vertical grinding roller in detail.

1. Poor bearing quality

After grinding, bearings with poor quality will vibrate significantly and have low feeding capacity, which can easily lead to bearing damage. In order to reduce the interruption of the entire vertical mill system after bearing damage, good quality bearings must be used to reduce the process. It is cumbersome and affects the work process.

2. Insufficient amount of lubricating oil for grinding roller

Insufficient lubricating oil will cause serious friction between the grinding roller and the bearing, generate a large amount of heat, which cannot be dissipated in time, and the lubrication effect will be poor, which will affect the operation of the machine and reduce its service life.

3. Poor type of lubricating oil

Lubricants must be of high quality and cost-effective to achieve certain benefits. The type of lubricating oil is poor and the lubrication effect is poor, so that a good oil film cannot be formed between the bearing and the slideway. The quality of the oil is poor. When the temperature rises, the color will turn black, the viscosity will decrease, and the lubrication effect will be worse. The resulting high temperature of the bearings will seriously shorten the service life of the bearings, lead to a waste of materials, seriously affect the progress of the entire project, and reduce the profits of the company.

4. Uneven distribution of grinding materials

Daily observation and recording of the materials entering the grinding process will reveal that when there are many layers of materials, the work of the grinding roller will increase, resulting in more severe wear and accumulation of materials. After the material enters the grinding system, it is easy to deviate from the center of the grinding disc, causing long-term high-load operation of the grinding roller bearings and damaging the bearings.

Vertical grinding roller wear mechanism

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Generally, vertical mills are equipped with 3-6 grinding rollers. Each grinding roller is mounted on the same shaft and rotates at different speeds to achieve good grinding effects. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the mill, the operator must regularly check the wear of the grinding roller and find and solve it in time. This can not only extend the service life of the components, but also improve the working efficiency of the entire machine!

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