The use of spodumene slag powder

Release date: 2023-03-18

The spodumene slag powder will be processed by a mill to obtain a finished fine powder of 80-2000 mesh. In the field of deep processing of milling, as an enterprise with more than 30 years of experience in mill production, Guilin Guilinhong recommends spodumene to customers. There are two models of stone slag grinding equipment: HLM vertical mill and HLMX ultrafine vertical mill. In fact, in this field, when our users consult spodumene slag powder processing, what they want to know most is what are the uses of spodumene slag powder after processing? What market prospect does it have? Let's find out together below.

The use of spodumene slag powder

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The use of spodumene slag powder

1. Extract lithium element. The lithium element used in our industry and in all aspects is extracted from spodumene.

2. It is to make a ceramic casserole. The ceramic casserole made of spodumene has good stability and heat resistance.

3. Applied in the glass and enamel industry, the introduction of spodumene into the glass and enamel glaze formula can obtain two low-expansion crystals of β-spodumene and kai quartz in a wide range of ingredients, and there is no need to quote crystal nuclei and seeds It can be uniformly crystallized at the same time, thereby improving the mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance.

4. Spodumene slag is used as cement admixture: after lithium slag replaces part of the clay raw material ingredients, due to the strong adsorption and cohesiveness of lithium slag, the shaft kiln is easy to form balls, the surface of the ball is smooth and the ball strength is high , the qualified rate of forming balls increased from about 45% to 70%, which laid the foundation for the shaft kiln to calcine high-quality clinker. At the same time, after adding a certain amount of lithium slag (3%) to the raw meal, the flammability of the raw meal is significantly improved, the burning speed is accelerated, and there is basically no sticky edge or large lumps.

5. Lithium slag as paper-making filler: Lithium slag is acidified, and the obtained solid phase is dried and finely ground, and it is tested in a paper mill, which proves that it can replace talcum powder as paper-making filler.

Grinding spodumene slag powder is used in different fields and industries, and the fineness of the ground powder is different. For processing 8-400 mesh, use HC pendulum Raymond mill or HLM vertical mill; for processing 325-2500 mesh, you can use HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill or HCH ultra-fine ring roller mill. Our users often use vertical mills and ultra-fine vertical mills. Vertical mills have large output, small footprint, uniform grinding fineness, high passing rate, and accurate finished fine powder.

After understanding the use of spodumene slag powder, if you want to know about spodumene slag grinding machine, please leave a message for more details.

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