Ultrafine vertical mill assists silica powder

Release date: 2023-03-17

In recent years, with the gradual implementation of environmental laws and regulations, the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, and the increasing application of silicon micropowder, silicon-based ferroalloy production plants have successively built or reformed flue gas purification systems, that is, silicon micropowder production systems. Recycling microsilica powder, making waste resources and harmless as much as possible, reducing the impact of industrial production on humans and the environment, has both economic benefits and social and environmental benefits. The use of microsilica powder is actually very versatile. We only need one ultrafine vertical mill to help microsilica powder turn waste into treasure.


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Properties and uses of microsilica powder

Anmi Micronano-H series silica powder is made of silicon dioxide (SiO2), also known as quartz, through crushing, purification, grinding, grading and other processes. It has high purity, white color, and reasonable particle gradation. Unique properties and wide range of uses.

Silica powder has good insulation; it can reduce the exothermic peak temperature of epoxy resin curing reaction, reduce the linear expansion coefficient and shrinkage rate of the cured product, thereby eliminating the internal stress of the cured product and preventing cracking; corrosion resistance; particle size distribution Reasonable, it can reduce and eliminate precipitation and delamination when used; it can increase the tensile and compressive strength of the cured product, improve the wear resistance, increase the thermal conductivity of the cured product, and increase the flame retardancy; The microsilica powder treated by the joint agent has good wettability to various resins, good adsorption performance, easy to mix, and no agglomeration phenomenon; as a filler, microsilica powder is added to the organic resin, which not only improves the properties of the cured product , but also reduce product costs.

Microsilica use

1. Silica powder is used as a filler and added to the organic resin, which not only improves the properties of the cured product, but also reduces the product cost.

2. Ordinary non-alkali glass fiber and glass fiber raw material for electronic industry.

3. The electronics industry, the electrical industry, and the production of glass fiber as the main raw material.

4. Silicone rubber and plastic filler.

5. Additives and fillers for coatings.

6. Building materials companies in the construction industry: ①It can be used as cement admixture to reduce the water-cement ratio and improve workability (microsilica fume, namely lime); ②It can be used in reinforced concrete to greatly improve the compactness of concrete and enhance the resistance Leakage, such as for hydropower dams, large and small pools, etc. ③It can be used as filler for various construction mortars. ④ Epoxy building structural adhesive

7. Refractory material industry: It is used as an additive mechanism to obtain high-grade refractory materials.

8. Petroleum field: oil drilling and cementing.

9. Chemical industry: High-quality silica powder can be used as an inert filler material in various compounds to replace silicate materials such as talc and kaolin.

10. Scientific research, metallurgy and other fields.

11. Others: such as toothpaste materials, ceramics, daily chemical materials, etc.

12. Feed additives.

Silica powder has a wide range of uses, and we recommend superfine vertical mills for grinding it into ultrafine silica powder. HLMX large superfine vertical mill is an advanced equipment carefully developed by Guilin Hongcheng. With scientific and reasonable product structure and advanced milling technology, it breaks through the bottleneck of ultrafine powder processing, intensifies scientific research and innovation, and improves the milling process. Breakthroughs have been made, and non-minerals such as calcium carbonate, barite, calcite, and gypsum can be ultra-finely ground. The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 22um-3um. Equipped with a secondary classification system, the fineness of the finished product can be as high as Up to 3um, it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, power plant desulfurization, coal powder preparation and other fields. It is a high-yield, high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving ultrafine powder processing equipment. Welcome to leave a message for consultation, and we will formulate a scientific and reasonable milling selection plan for you.

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