Pyrophyllite Grinding Powder

Release date: 2024-03-20

In order to ensure product quality and production environment, pyrophyllite grinding powder needs to be dusted to remove impurities and dust. The pyrophyllite Raymond Pulverizer produced by Guilin Hongcheng fully meets the production environment and quality, and can produce 80-2500 mesh pyrophyllite micro powder.

Pyrophyllite Grinding Powder-Raymond Pulverizer

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Pyrophyllite is a very cost-effective refractory raw material. For example, in the formula of blast furnace clay, pyrophyllite can effectively replace high-priced raw materials such as corundum and alumina. It can significantly reduce the cost while maintaining the overall performance of the clay. Cannon clay cost. In pyrophyllite bricks, pyrophyllite is a very important raw material, and its own quality determines the overall quality of the bricks. In addition, in the fiberglass industry, pyrophyllite is also one of the main raw materials. Therefore, pyrophyllite grinding powder has a wide range of uses.

Uses of pyrophyllite grinding powder

1. Refractory materials: Produce various pyrophyllite refractory bricks, refractory mud and crucibles, etc.

2. Ceramics: Produces architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics, special ceramics, etc.

3. Pharmaceuticals: used as carriers for various pesticides and insecticides.

4. Filler: used in papermaking, rubber, plastics, paints, and cosmetics. and pavement materials, etc.

5. Glass fiber: Produces alkali-free glass balls and medium-alkali glass balls of glass fiber.

6. Coatings: Produces various high-temperature and corrosion-resistant coatings and metallurgical casting special coatings.

7. Solid sealing and pressure transmission materials: used as solid sealing materials for synthetic diamond synthesis, etc.

8. Building materials: Producing white cement and roof waterproofing materials.

9. Sculpture: Carve various figures, landscapes, flowers, fruits, animals, seal stones and other art crafts.

10. Others: Producing raw materials such as detergents and molecular sieves.

The technical requirements for industrial products of pyrophyllite vary depending on their uses, and there is no unified standard. Guilin Hongcheng is a pyrophyllite grinding powder production line manufacturer. The pyrophyllite grinding pulverizer we produce can produce 80-2500 mesh pyrophyllite micro powder. If you have purchasing needs for a pyrophyllite micropowder production line, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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