The Use of Construction Waste Treatment Grinding

Release date: 2024-03-21

Construction waste treatment refers to using construction waste as raw material, grinding it using a construction waste vertical roller mill, and producing recycled products. Large-scale processing of construction waste into various recycled products to achieve green recycling can not only generate economic benefits, but also reduce the exploitation of sand and gravel natural resources and avoid causing new environmental problems.

The Use of Construction Waste Treatment Grinding-Vertical Roller Mill

The Use of Construction Waste Treatment Grinding-Vertical Roller Mill, welcome to leave a message or consult [email protected]

Facing the diversified demands for construction waste treatment, it is necessary to produce recycled micro powder and recycled sand products at the same time. In order to realize one grinding mill with multiple functions, it is not only necessary to carry out new design and improvement on the structure of the grinding machine. At the same time, the resource treatment process also needs to be further optimized.

Combined with the construction waste treatment requirements, the process flow of the construction waste vertical mill is as follows: After sorting, crushing, iron removal, impurity removal and other processes, the construction waste granules (particle size ≤ 20 mm) are sent to the construction waste residue using a bucket elevator.  After the materials are measured, they are sent to the vertical mill for grinding through the air-locked feeder. The micro-powder products are collected by the bag dust collector after being selected by the powder selector, and sent to the regenerated micro-powder bin through the conveying equipment (regenerated micro-powder with a specific surface area of 400~800 m/kg).

At the same time, the sand and powder mixture collected by the skirt-type aggregate device in the mill can be subsequently screened to obtain ≤5 mm recycled sand products. The recycled micro powder and recycled sand produced by this process can be used in the production of recycled building materials (recycled concrete, recycled mortar, etc.).

The regenerated micron powder of waste bricks and waste concrete obtained by the vertical mill construction waste treatment has been tested for activity and all performance indicators have reached the standard of secondary fly ash. It has potential application value as an active admixture (replacing fly ash). If you want to know the application details of vertical mill construction waste treatment, please leave us a message.

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