Pyrophyllite Micro Powder Equipment

Release date: 2024-03-18

At present, pyrophyllite micro powder equipment still uses Raymond mill. Pyrophyllite is an important raw material for manufacturing glass fiber. Due to the rapid development of the glass fiber industry, the demand for pyrophyllite is increasing, especially the requirements for the uniformity and batch size of pyrophyllite powder are getting higher and higher.

Pyrophyllite Micro Powder Equipment

Although the mainstream of pyrophyllite micro powder equipment is Raymond mill, the use of this mill has the following disadvantages:

1. Due to the limitations of the structure of the Raymond mill itself, its processing efficiency per unit time is low, the processing batch is small, and it is difficult to adapt to the needs of large quantities.

2. Due to the different origins of pyrophyllite ore, its composition varies greatly. Even if different batches of pyrophyllite ore mined from the same mine, there will be fluctuations in composition. However, the existing production line simply crushes and grinds pyrophyllite, which leads to large fluctuations and instability in the composition of pyrophyllite micron powder, and ultimately leads to unstable quality of finished glass fiber products.

Under this premise, Guilin Hongcheng combined many years of experience in the research and development and manufacturing of grinding mills, developed and transformed the existing vertical mill technology, and launched a new type of HLM pyrophyllite vertical roller mill, which has successful operation cases in the market.

Pyrophyllite Micro Powder Equipment-Vertical Roller Mill

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The production process of vertical mill pyrophyllite micro-powder equipment requires that ores with different components are pre-mixed according to the requirements of the micro-powder finished product before coarse crushing and grinding, thereby achieving dynamic control of the ingredients in production and significantly improving the uniformity and composition of the finished pyrophyllite micro-powder. Stability prevents fluctuations in its composition and ensures the quality of subsequent fiberglass production.

Compared with the Raymond mill used in the past, the vertical mill has the advantages of high grinding efficiency and large output. The pyrophyllite powder ground by the vertical mill is sent to the pneumatic homogenization bin for pneumatic homogenization, so that the pyrophyllite can be The complete mixing of micro-powder can further improve the uniformity of the quality of its finished products. If you have any needs for pyrophyllite micro powder equipment, please leave us a message for details.

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