Petroleum coke grinding application and grinding equipment

Release date: 2023-03-21

What are the uses of petroleum coke grinding powder? What type of high-yield and high-efficiency petroleum coke grinding equipment is used?

1. Brief introduction of petroleum coke

Petroleum coke is a product obtained by distilling crude oil to separate light and heavy oil, and then thermally cracking the heavy oil. From the appearance, coke is black lumps (or particles) with irregular shapes and sizes), has a metallic luster, and the particles of coke have a porous structure. The main element is carbon, accounting for more than 80%, containing 1.5%-8% hydrogen, and the rest are oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements.

2. Petroleum coke grinding application

Depending on its quality, petroleum coke can be used in graphite, smelting and chemical industries. The largest user of petroleum coke in the world is the cement industry, whose consumption accounts for about 40% of the market share of petroleum coke; followed by petroleum coke calcined to produce prebaked anodes for aluminum smelting or graphite electrodes for steelmaking, with 22% petroleum coke Coke is calcined.

Low-sulfur, high-quality cooked coke, such as needle coke, is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high-power graphite electrodes and some special carbon products; in the steelmaking industry, needle coke is an important material for the development of new electric furnace steelmaking technologies. Medium sulfur and ordinary cooked coke are widely used in aluminum smelting. High-sulfur, ordinary raw coke is used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., and also as a fuel for metal casting.

Most of the low-sulfur coke is mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite production. In addition, it is mainly used to produce carbon products, such as graphite electrodes and anode arcs, for steelmaking, non-ferrous metals, and aluminum smelting; to produce silicon carbide products, such as various grinding wheels, sand skins, sandpaper, etc.; to produce commercial calcium carbide for supply It can be used to make synthetic fiber, acetylene and other products; it can also be used as fuel, but when it is used as fuel, it needs to be pulverized by a pulverizer, and it can be burned after being made into coke powder through equipment. Those who use coke powder as fuel are mainly glass factories and coal-water slurry factories.

3. Petroleum coke grinding equipment

Petroleum coke grinding application and grinding equipment

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Since there are different types of petroleum coke, such as conventional petroleum coke, pulverized coal coke, calcined coke, needle coke, etc., different types of petroleum coke have different grindability. So how fine is petroleum coke generally ground? It is also based on different fields of application, and the fineness of grinding is different in different fields. If it is applied in the lithium battery negative electrode material industry, generally ultra-fine powder is used, about 10 microns, and an ultra-fine mill is more suitable. As a professional mill manufacturer, it is recommended to use ultra-fine vertical mill for processing, the output is more efficient, and the fineness distribution of the milled powder is more uniform. The HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill independently developed by Guilin Hongcheng adopts a secondary classification system, and the maximum fineness can reach 3μ. It has high efficiency and energy saving, convenient maintenance, strong equipment adaptability, low comprehensive investment cost, stable product quality, energy saving and environmental protection advantage feature. The output is as high as 1-50 tons per hour. If you want high-yield and efficient petroleum coke grinding equipment, please consult Guilin Hongcheng for this ultra-fine vertical grinding machine. This is an ideal equipment selection.

The above describes the use of petroleum coke grinding and petroleum coke grinding equipment. Guilin Hongcheng specializes in the production of Raymond mills, vertical mills, ultra-fine vertical mills, and ultra-fine ring roller mills. Guilin Hongcheng takes customers as the center and is committed to providing complete powder making solutions for powder processing. Hongcheng has a large milling and trial grinding center. Customers can provide incoming material trial grinding processing. According to different types of materials and customer needs, select professional trial grinding equipment. Seeing is believing Trial grinding data makes your return on investment higher, welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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