2020 National Calcium Carbonate Industry Annual Conference

Release date: 2022-03-03

On November 23, after a day of registration, guests and friends successfully arrived at the conference site. China Inorganic Salt Industry Association and guests and friends attended the conference. In the warm music of union, The 2020 National Calcium Carbonate Industry Annual Conference and Expert Group Working Conference officially started. Thanks to China Inorganic Salt Industry Association for the great opportunity given to Guilin Hongcheng(HCM). Here, Hongcheng warmly welcomes the arrival of the delegates and congratulates the success of this conference.


It is understood that this conference focuses on the opportunities, challenges, countermeasures and solutions for the development of the calcium carbonate industry under the new "big cycle" and "double cycle" development pattern to hold exchanges and discussions. Hu Yongqi, President of the Calcium Carbonate Industry Branch of the China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, delivered an important speech. All the guests and friends opened the curtain on the meeting with warm applause. The leaders pointed out that the calcium carbonate industry has a bright future, and I hope that all enterprises, industries and academics can bravely undertake and promote the overall improvement of the calcium carbonate industry. I believe that with everyone's joint efforts, China's calcium carbonate industry will flourish and create greater brilliance.


As the organizer of this conference, Guilin Hongcheng made careful preparations to ensure the smooth progress of the entire conference. To thank everyone, Mr. Rong Dongguo, Chairman of Hongcheng, came to the stage to give a welcome speech. Chairman Rong said: I sincerely thank the industry association for giving Hongcheng this opportunity, providing better services for all guests and friends, and contributing to the success of the conference.

President Rong also said: With this meeting, I sincerely welcome all friends to the Hongcheng factory to visit and inspect the Hongcheng large-scale R&D center and manufacturing center, as well as the Hongcheng manufacturing site. customers for large-scale Raymond calcium grinding and calcium hydroxide assemblies. around Hongcheng Equipment production line customer site, large ultrafine vertical grinding production line customer site. Lastly, Rong Dong congratulated on the overall success of this conference, and hoped that all the guests could win more in this conference and jointly promote the calcium carbonate industry to create a brighter development prospect.


Since cultivating the mill industry, Guilin Hongcheng has been adhering to the business philosophy of quality and service, absorbing and learning from advanced, market-oriented grinding technology, enhancing independent innovation capabilities, and contributing many excellent mills in the calcium carbonate industry. and complete selection of the production line program. For grinding calcium carbonate, we not only have new vertical pendulum mills and large pendulum mills, but also produce large ultrafine vertical mills and ultrafine ring roller mills dedicated to ultrafine calcium carbonate powder. At the same time, we also have developed a five-stage digestion complete set of system calcium hydroxide production line equipment will fully help the calcium carbonate grinding production line to increase output and revenue.

Lin said that the future calcium carbonate industry will develop and spread in the direction of large-scale intelligent equipment; systematization and technical standardization; industrial scale and intensification; refinement and functionalization of products. As a company we must think deeply about the development of the calcium carbonate industry, we will continue to innovate, innovate and smartly do the calcium carbonate industry to provide greater technical support and equipment guarantees for the development of the calcium carbonate industry.


Guilin Hongcheng warmly congratulates the successful convening of the 2020 National Calcium Carbonate Industry Annual Conference and Expert Group Working Conference, and once again sincerely thanks the China Inorganic Salt Industry Association for this great sharing platform, and thanks guests and friends for their strong support. Let's move forward hand in hand and jointly contribute to the development of the calcium carbonate industry!

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