Metallurgical coke powder utilization by coke powder mill

Release date: 2023-07-12

Coke powder is the fine powder produced during the screening, transfer and use of coke. Enterprises such as metallurgy and chemical industry produce a large amount of coke powder every year, and its physical and chemical properties are similar to bulk coke. However, because its particle size requirements do not meet the production process, it cannot be used directly, so the generation of coke powder greatly reduces the utilization rate of coke. What is the prospect of the coke powder recycling industry? At present, the environmental crisis and energy crisis have intensified, and the issue of coke powder reuse has also begun to attract attention. If the waste coke powder can be recycled and reused, it will not only reduce the cost, but also realize energy saving and emission reduction, and protect the environment. Therefore, the coking powder recycling work, such as coking industry, glass ceramics and other high-energy-consuming enterprises, is even beneficial to the society.

Metallurgical coke powder utilization by coke powder mill-Raymond mill

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At present, most coking enterprises lack effective measures to reuse coke powder. So, how to realize the effective utilization of metallurgical coke powder? Coke powder has the advantages of high carbon content, developed internal voids, low volatile matter and ash content, high strength, and easy access to raw materials. At present, the industrial use of coke powder is mainly to produce synthesis gas, prepare activated carbon, remix coking coal to produce coke, and use it as fuel. The coke powder grinding mill is the main equipment to realize the effective utilization of metallurgical coke powder. At present, the most cost-effective way to utilize coke powder is to use metallurgical petroleum coke powder as fuel instead of heavy oil through a coke powder mill for continued application. Petroleum coke powder as fuel can save a lot of fuel costs for enterprises, and the economic benefits are very considerable. With the continuous advancement of technology, some properties of coke powder have been discovered, and the application is expected to continue to expand. Take coal-based coke powder as an example. The researchers found that the nano-carbon material prepared from coal-based coke powder has stable charge and discharge performance and is a potential electrode material. This research result shows that coal-based coke powder is one of the ideal carbon sources for the preparation of lithium-ion battery anode materials, and the use of coke powder to prepare lithium battery anode materials may achieve the purpose of "environmental protection, resource conservation and enterprise efficiency". It is one of the ways to realize the effective utilization of metallurgical coke powder.

It can be seen that coke powder recycling technology has certain development potential and prospects. As a manufacturer of coke powder roller mills, Guilin Hongcheng produces coke powder mill equipment such as Raymond mills and vertical mills, which provide good equipment assistance for coke powder reuse. Our coke powder grinding technology can process 80-2500 mesh metallurgical coke powder, providing more options for the effective utilization of metallurgical coke powder. If you have purchase needs of coke powder mill, welcome to leave us a message for equipment details.

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