Application of Raymond Mill in Production of Medical Talc Powder

Release date: 2023-07-13

Talc powder is prepared from talc through a Raymond mill. Talc is one of the minerals. It is buried underground together with serpentinite which contains asbestos, so it often contains asbestos in its natural form. The possibility of asbestos in medical talcum powder has been widely debated in recent years. The first problem facing medical talcum powder is safety. Nowadays, medical talcum powder has a special production process to ensure the safety of medical use. As a manufacturer of talcum powder Raymond mill, Guilin Hongcheng will discuss with you today the production of medical talcum powder and the application of talcum powder Raymond mill.

Application of Raymond Mill in Production of Medical Talc Powder

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How to judge whether talcum powder can be used in medicine? Medical talcum powder has many functions such as clearing heat, clearing dampness, sharpening orifices, curing heat and polydipsia, dysuria, watery diarrhea, dysentery, gonorrhea, jaundice, edema, epistaxis, beriberi, wet and rotten skin, etc. Soluble matter in acid is an important indicator of medical talcum powder. Relevant data show that the soluble matter in acid of many medical talcum powders on the market exceeds the 2.0% specified in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Ensuring that medical talcum powder does not contain asbestos is an important reference for the medical use of talcum powder. Generally, the preparation of medical talcum powder with talc as raw material is mainly realized through process combination.

The production process of medical talc powder: firstly, the talc raw ore is processed into coarse powder talc powder with a fineness of about 325 mesh through a talc powder Raymond mill; after that, it is magnetically separated to remove impurities. Add water to the crude talc powder, add appropriate amount of sodium silicate, mix well, send the talc powder into a weak magnetic field magnetic separator at a certain feeding speed, and remove impurities under a certain magnetic field strength; then pickling Clean up. Add appropriate amount of water to the talcum powder after magnetic separation to make a slurry, mix the slurry and 20% hydrochloric acid with a mass ratio of 10-30% crude talc powder, stir evenly until there are no bubbles on the surface of the liquid, filter, and water Wash until the washing liquid is neutral, and then refine by flotation; add appropriate amount of water to mix the acid-washed talc powder, add the pulp and 0.03-0.2% crude talc powder mass ratio flotation mixture into the pulp mixing tank Slurry is carried out, and then the pulp is added to the flotation tank for flotation; finally, the above-mentioned re-selected refined products are washed with water, filtered and dried to finally obtain pharmaceutical grade talc powder.

Guilin Hongcheng is a talcum powder Raymond mill manufacturer. Our HC series and HCQ series talcum powder Raymond mills have been widely used in the talcum powder rough processing market. In order to meet the needs of medical talcum powder production, stainless steel pipes can be customized to ensure the whiteness of the finished product. If you have medical talcum powder production needs and need to purchase talcum powder Raymond mill, please leave us a message to learn more about talcum powder Raymond mill equipment.

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