Kaolin Intensive Processing Direction and Prospect Analysis

Release date: 2022-12-07

Kaolin is a non-metallic mineral with a wide range of uses. Because of its plasticity, cohesiveness, dispersion, fire resistance, insulation and chemical stability, it is widely used in papermaking, ceramics, plastics, rubber, etc. , chemical industry, electronics, coatings, paints, refractory materials, military industry, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides and other dozens of industries. To process kaolin into various kaolin products, it needs to be ground into fine powder by a kaolin mill. Guilin Hongcheng is a professional manufacturer of kaolin mills. Today, I will introduce the direction and prospect analysis of kaolin intensive processing.

Kaolin Intensive Processing Direction and Prospect Analysis

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At present, daily-use ceramics, papermaking, coatings and refractory materials are the traditional demand fields for kaolin. However, the above-mentioned fields are also facing a situation where the industry is mature and the growth rate of the market space is declining. The new application fields of kaolin are constantly expanding, and new fields such as catalysts, cosmetics, medicine, and military industry all have higher requirements for the indicators of kaolin. On the whole, the demand for kaolin in downstream applications will gradually focus on medium and high-grade products with better physical and chemical indicators. In the case of scarcity of high-quality resources, kaolin deep processing is the future development trend.

1. Medical kaolin

As a good filler and auxiliary material, medical kaolin has important applications in the fields of medical supplies seasoning, pharmaceutical auxiliary materials, and hemostatic materials.

2. Super fine kaolin

Super fine kaolin is mainly used in advanced electronic components, representative products are 5G ceramic filters and multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC). In addition, MLCC is one of the largest and fastest-growing chip components in the world.

3. Kaolin for cosmetics

In the field of cosmetics, kaolin is used in cosmetics such as shampoos, facial cleansers, ordinary masks, face creams, sunscreens, and make-up, both as fillers (base materials) and in formulas.

4. Kaolin for papermaking

In terms of kaolin for papermaking, there is still a high demand for white board paper and coated paper in the field of daily life and packaging. Kaolin can make paper have good covering performance and coating gloss, and increase whiteness and printability.

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