How much is a rock grinder mill

Release date: 2022-12-06

How much is a rock grinder mill with an output of 20 tons per hour? What are the advantages? Recently, a customer called to ask how much it costs to invest in a rock mill, and what kind of grinding equipment is economical?

How much is a rock grinder mill

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Rock is composed of one or several minerals and natural glass, and is a solid aggregate with stable shape. A rock composed of one mineral is called a single mineral rock, such as marble composed of calcite, quartzite composed of quartz, etc., a rock composed of several minerals is called a compound mineral rock, such as granite composed of minerals such as quartz, feldspar and mica. Composition, gabbro is composed of basic plagioclase and pyroxene and so on. Liquids without a definite shape, such as oil, gases such as natural gas, and loose sand, mud, etc., are not rocks.

Then when we grind rocks, we can use HC pendulum Raymond mill, the output can reach 1-55 tons, and the fineness is generally in the range of 80-400 mesh. The price of a set is selected according to the fineness and output of the mill. Different models have different prices. What are the advantages and characteristics of such a mill?

1. High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting the principle of material layer grinding, the grinding efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the production capacity of a single machine is large

2. Easy maintenance and low operating cost: low wear and tear, the grinding roller and the lining plate of the grinding disc are made of special materials, which have a long service life.

3. High degree of automation: the automatic control technology adopts German Siemens series PLC, equipped with automatic control system, which can realize remote control;

4. The product quality is stable: the particle shape of the product is uniform, the particle size distribution is narrow, the fluidity is good, and the product adaptability is strong;

5. The equipment has strong applicability and low investment: with secondary classification, it can produce 80-400 mesh powder, realize one machine with multiple functions, strong equipment practicability, and save investment cost.

6. Environmental protection: The whole system of the pulverizer is sealed, fully negative pressure operation, no dust spillage, and a dust-free workshop can basically be realized.

Guilin Hongcheng Mill has many models and complete functions. The product fineness can be adjusted between 80-2500 mesh. The equipment is energy-saving and the environmental protection dust collection rate is 99%. Hongcheng people continue to provide customers with high-quality milling production lines with the craftsman spirit of excellence. Welcome to leave a message to inquire about the information of products of different specifications.

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