Is coke grinding easy to process

Release date: 2023-07-27

Is coke grinding easy to process? Coke has the characteristics of extremely high abrasiveness, unstable bearing coefficient, high water content, and coke viscosity. The grinding mechanism is relatively difficult, and its grinding difficulty factor is three times that of cement clinker. It is very important to control the particle size of coke powder, so the selection of coke pulverizer is particularly critical. As a coke grinding mill manufacturer, today Guilin Hongcheng will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various coke mills for your reference.

Is coke grinding easy to process-Raymond mill

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At present, the production of 0.1mm-0.5mm grinding mill, in principle, is nothing more than several types: impact impact type; roller type; tube mill type; other types of grinding mills.

⑴The impact type is represented by hammer and impact crushers, which are suitable for the production of materials larger than 3mm. The materials are required to have good brittleness and low abrasiveness, such as coal, limestone, lime, etc. Due to the high line speed of the coke powder, the wearing parts will be replaced frequently, and the particle size cannot be guaranteed; the air volume of the equipment is large, and the pollution is serious.

(2) Roller type equipment is represented by double roller type, rolling type, Raymond mill, etc. These equipment also cause uneven wear on the surface of the roll and the surface of the disc due to the high abrasiveness of coke: grooved or inclined wear, resulting in It is impossible to adjust the gap to ensure the particle size, resulting in a rapid decline in yield and output, and in severe cases, it will drop by 50% in more than ten days.

(3) The tube mill type is represented by the ball mill, because the whole machine rotates the ball to a certain height and drops it to impact the grinding material, so its diameter and length are the key. When these two parameters are fixed, the fineness is also fixed, but because the medium filling rate is extremely low, only 30%, the energy consumption is 50% higher than other equipment, and the dust-proof performance is not good, so it is necessary to add dust removal equipment, which requires a large investment, operating costs are also relatively high.

In the production of coke powder, the above equipments have been tested by manufacturers, and all have different shortcomings. According to the parameter requirements of coke powder remixing and the characteristics of coke, special equipment must be developed to meet the process requirements most economically and ideally. As a manufacturer of coke grinding machines, Guilin Hongcheng has launched a special coke suitable for coke grinding, aiming at the characteristics of coke grinding that are not easy to process. On the basis of roller press equipment, it has carried out material innovation and structural details improvement for wearing parts. After long-term production practice, it has been widely praised and recognized by coke enterprises. It has completely solved the problem of equipment that is difficult to process coke powder, and achieved the effects of environmental protection, energy saving and low cost. It is a coke pulverizer recognized and favored by the market. If you have related coke grinding processing needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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