Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Coke Powder

Release date: 2023-07-26

Coking is one of the main methods of coal utilization. Coke powder refers to the coke with a particle size less than 5mm produced in the coke production process of metallurgical and chemical enterprises, accounting for about 4% of coke production, and about 40MT of coke powder is produced every year. The particle size of coke powder is small, which can easily lead to blockage of air passages in the blast furnace and cannot meet the needs of metallurgical processes. However, it has the characteristics of large surface area, low volatile matter, low ash content, high fixed carbon content, and high strength. With the increasing shortage of resources and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the comprehensive utilization of coke powder is of great significance to expand the industrial utilization of coke powder. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of metallurgical coke powder grinding mill, will introduce to you the comprehensive utilization of metallurgical coke powder today.

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Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Coke Powder 1: Remixing Coking Coal

Coking with coke powder and coal blending is of great significance to iron and steel complexes to develop circular economy and realize cost reduction and efficiency increase. Adding an appropriate amount of coke powder to coal blending can increase the strength of coke. In the case of the same coal quality and no binder, the amount of coke powder added is generally less than 3%, and the mass ratio of coke powder particle size less than 0.2mm is greater than 80%. Coke powder mainly plays a lean role in coal blending, and can replace lean coal in the process of coal blending.

Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Coke Powder 2: Preparation of Syngas or Fuel

The coldness, thermal strength and reactivity of coke prepared by using coke powder can meet the requirements of water gas production, and the calorific value, composition, carbon content of ash and gasification of lump coke are basically the same. Using about 70% of coke powder, 20% of coal slime and 5% of bituminous coal as raw materials, adding about 5% of composite binder (papermaking black liquor and tartary buckwheat soil) can prepare coke that meets the gasification requirements .

Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Coke Powder 3: Preparation of activated carbon

The preparation of activated carbon from coke powder has become one of the important ways to prepare activated carbon. Compared with the columnar carbon prepared by coal, the activated charcoal prepared with coke powder with a particle size of 1~3mm has the characteristics of well-developed mesopores and macropores, and can be used as a cheap water purification material. Activated carbon prepared from coke powder is used for wastewater treatment in metallurgical enterprises, which has the following advantages: self-produced and sold, low cost; stable supply, large output; better sewage treatment effect.

Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Coke Powder 4: as Electrode Material

Electrode materials prepared from coke powder exhibit unique properties in many aspects. The use of nano-carbon materials as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries can improve the charge-discharge capacity, cycle life and current density of lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, the research on nano-carbon materials has become a hot spot in current research.

Comprehensive Utilization of Metallurgical Coke Powder 5: Preparation of molecular sieves

Carbon molecular sieves have broad application prospects in gas separation. Using coke powder as raw material to synthesize charcoal molecular sieve is a new way of value-added utilization of coke powder. The advantages of using coke powder to prepare carbon molecular sieve are obvious: low price, large output, well-developed pores of coke powder itself, and short carbonization constant temperature time.

The coke powder is remixed for coking to prepare gasified coke. The application of activated carbon electrode materials and reducing agents realizes the reuse of waste coke powder. The application of coke fine coal blending coking, preparative coke synthesis gas, and activated carbon treatment of wastewater in production not only reduces production costs, improves economic benefits of enterprises, and realizes the optimal combination of resource utilization, so the application prospect is huge. The comprehensive utilization of metallurgical coke powder is inseparable from the help of metallurgical coke powder mill. As a manufacturer of metallurgical coke powder grinding millcoke Raymond millcoke vertical grinding mill and other equipment produced by Guilin Hongcheng are used in the comprehensive utilization project of metallurgical coke powder It has been widely used and can process 80-2500 mesh metallurgical coke powder. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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