Application characteristics of talcum powder

Release date: 2023-07-25

As an additive, modifier or filler, talc powder has been widely used in papermaking, paint, coating, ceramics, chemical industry, daily chemical, plastic, rubber, food, medicine and other industries. Talc has the advantages of soft texture, low abrasion, high gloss, low oil absorption value, and good transparency. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of talc grinding mill. Today, I will introduce you the application characteristics of talc powder.

Application characteristics of talcum powder-Raymond mill 1700

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Talc powder has four specialties: enhancement, insulation, barrier,  nucleation, and aging resistance. This is why talc powder can stand out among many fillers.

1. Enhancement

The remarkable strengthening effect of talc on plastic products mainly comes from its unique microscopic flake structure. The more intact the sheet structure of the processed talc powder is, the more obvious its strengthening effect will be. Larger aspect ratios (the ratio of the average diameter of flake particles to their thickness) can improve the rigidity, impact strength, flexural modulus and thermal stability of plastic products. For example, bumpers, automotive interior parts, etc.

2. Insulation and barrier

High-quality ultra-fine talc powder has a flake structure, and when used in plastic products, it can be evenly dispersed in resin in layers. Like the metal structure net embedded in cement products, it can form a reinforced support form with excellent mechanical properties in addition to maintaining the advantages of plastics, which can improve the physical properties of plastic products and also have obvious insulation and barrier effects.

3. Nucleation

The slippery feeling of talc is very obvious, and the opening property of the plastics added with talc powder is obviously improved, and the anti-blocking property of the film can also be improved. When ultra-fine talc powder (less than 1 μm) is evenly dispersed in the plastic matrix, it can act as a nucleating agent, such as in PET plastics.

4. Aging resistance

Talc, mica, kaolin and other minerals containing silicon (Si) all have infrared and ultraviolet barrier properties, and have obvious thermal insulation and aging resistance effects in plastic products.

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