How to increase the output of vanadium titanium ore grinding mill

Release date: 2023-08-14

Vanadium is an important alloying element, known as "the monosodium glutamate of modern industry", widely used in steel, chemical industry, aerospace and other fields. At present, the main raw materials for industrial production of vanadium products include vanadium-titanium magnetite, petroleum ash, waste vanadium catalyst, bauxite and stone coal, among which 75%~85% of vanadium products come from vanadium-titanium magnetite. It can be seen that vanadium-titanium magnetite has an extremely important position in the field of vanadium extraction. In order to obtain a high vanadium recovery rate, the particle size of the vanadium-titanium magnetite concentrate is generally controlled at a very fine level. Therefore, vanadium-titanium magnetite grinding is an important step. So, how to increase the output of vanadium titanium ore grinding mill?

How to increase the output of vanadium titanium ore grinding mill-vertical grinding mill

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Vanadium-titanium magnetite is a refractory ore. In recent years, with the gradual deepening of mining, the gangue has also changed from gabbro to pyroxenite and olivine pyroxenite, which are similar in nature to vanadium-titanite. Under the current technological conditions, it is difficult to obtain qualified iron concentrate. If you want to obtain qualified iron ore concentrate, you must grind it finely. However, titanium minerals and iron minerals have large differences in embedded particle size, hardness and brittleness. Titanium minerals are very easy to be ground, and fine-grained titanium is difficult to recover. While the existing ball milling process finely grinds iron minerals, it also grinds titanium minerals too finely, which not only wastes the energy consumption of grinding, but also greatly reduces the recovery rate of titanium. In addition, the current ball milling process has low efficiency and poor grinding effect, which makes the fineness of iron ore grinding insufficient, the grade of iron concentrate obtained is low, and the energy consumption is large, and the operating cost is high. So, according to the current situation, how to increase the grinding output of vanadium-titanium magnetite? We recommend that you choose vanadium ore vertical mill as the grinding equipment for vanadium-titanium magnetite.

HLM series vanadium ore vertical mill is a vanadium-titanium magnetite grinding equipment developed and produced by Guilin Hongcheng. There have been many successful operation cases in the market. Aiming at the contradiction between the grinding fineness of titanium minerals and iron minerals in vanadium ilmenite which is difficult to unify, a closed-circuit process is formed by grading and grinding. The process separates, while minerals with particle sizes larger than the target range continue to circulate within the closed-loop process described above. In the end, the particle size of the harder iron minerals can be ground to the target range, while the titanium minerals are separated in time after being ground, avoiding the situation of excessively fine grinding caused by long-time grinding. With the above grinding process, after the material to be ground is classified and closed-circuit ground by the vanadium ore vertical mill, the content of over-coarse and over-fine particles in the grinding product is low, the content of qualified particle size and the metal distribution rate are high, and the titanium mineral is over-ground Less, the degree of dissociation of iron minerals is high.

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