Selection and Application of Vanadium Slag Grinding Mill

Release date: 2023-08-15

Vanadium is a silver-gray metal with many excellent physical and chemical properties. It is known as "metal vitamin", so it has a very wide range of uses. Vanadium is mainly used in the metallurgical industry, about 85% of which is used to smelt ferrovanadium as an alloy additive, mainly in the form of vanadium pentoxide. At present, the raw material for preparing vanadium pentoxide is mainly vanadium slag, and the main equipment for preparing vanadium slag is vanadium slag grinding mill.

Selection and Application of Vanadium Slag Grinding Mill-Vertical Grinding Mill

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The process of preparing vanadium pentoxide from vanadium slag includes the following steps: first, fine vanadium slag powder is prepared from vanadium slag raw material by grinding vanadium slag mill; second, by batching fine vanadium slag, and then roasting and leaching , obtaining a roasting leachate containing ammonium vanadate; thirdly, preparing ammonium polyvanadate from the roasting leachate containing ammonium vanadate, and then preparing vanadium pentoxide by drying and oxidatively decomposing ammonium polyvanadate, and simultaneously producing a vanadium precipitation mother liquor; Fourth, purify the obtained vanadium precipitation mother liquor.

The method for preparing fine vanadium slag from raw vanadium slag is to crush and grind the raw vanadium slag, and then perform magnetic separation of iron to obtain iron slag and iron-selected vanadium slag. Vanadium can be recovered from waste, reducing industrial costs. Vanadium slag has large particle size, high moisture content, and is brittle but hard to grind. Existing studies have shown that vanadium slag mainly exists in the form of vanadium-containing spinel phase, silicate phase and metallic iron, in addition to a small amount of free quartz. Among them, the mineral composition of the silicate phase is related to the content of CaO and MgO contained in it. When the content of the two is high, some metasilicate diopside (CaMg(SiO3)2) will be precipitated. When the content of the two is low, fayalite (FeSiO) is the main component. Phosphoquartz is the main form of free quartz, and there are many elongated human olivine phases. Metal iron in vanadium slag mostly exists in dispersed state. The mineral particles in the vanadium slag are relatively densely combined, and the spinel phase and the olivine phase are closely symbiotic, and it is usually difficult to achieve mineral separation and enrichment through physical methods. In view of this feature, it is more critical to choose the appropriate grinding process and equipment. The current ball milling process has low efficiency and poor grinding effect, which makes the grinding fineness of vanadium slag insufficient, the grade of vanadium slag obtained is low, and the energy consumption is large, and the operation cost is high. It is better to choose vertical grinding mill for vanadium slag mill. The vertical mill has a strong grinding effect on coarse-grained hard minerals, while fine-grained brittle minerals have a weak grinding effect. The grinding is highly targeted and the grinding products have good uniformity.

HLM vertical mill is an ideal vanadium slag mill. Using the above equipment, fine vanadium slag with a particle size of less than 150 microns can be prepared, which can further recover vanadium and improve the production efficiency of vanadium pentoxide. If you have purchase requirements for grinding vanadium slag mill, welcome to leave us a message for equipment details.

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