Application of Kaolin in Water Treatment

Release date: 2023-08-11

Kaolin is a mineral that exists in nature and is very rich in resources. Kaolin has strong adsorption properties, and at the same time kaolin contains a variety of metal elements, which is suitable for the preparation of water treatment reagents. Guilin Hongcheng is a kaolin grinding mill manufacturer. The kaolin grinding mill we produce is an important equipment for preparing kaolin water treatment agent. Today, I will introduce the application of kaolin in water treatment.

1. Preparation of adsorbent

In water treatment, adsorption is a relatively effective treatment method, but due to the high cost of adsorbents, it is difficult to promote. As a mineral, kaolin is widely used in water treatment because of its strong adsorption properties.

2. Preparation of catalyst carrier

Kaolin has strong adsorption performance, which is related to its porous structure, which can also be used as a carrier of photocatalyst to improve the catalytic performance of photocatalyst.

3. Synthetic flocculant

Kaolin contains a variety of metal elements, especially iron and aluminum. Using appropriate methods, iron and aluminum can be used to prepare excellent flocculants for water treatment.

4. Synthetic film

Membrane filtration has always been a focus of attention in the water treatment industry. The bottleneck lies in the high cost of membranes and the difficulty of membrane pollution control. The use of kaolin to prepare membranes or as composite materials has achieved good results in the treatment of sewage and wastewater.

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Water treatment is currently facing great challenges, and it is imminent to screen water treatment agents with low treatment costs and good treatment effects. As a mineral, kaolin is rich in resources and has various processing functions, and its application prospects are broad. If you need to prepare kaolin water treatment agent and need to purchase kaolin grinding mill, please leave us a message.

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