How to make fluorite into powder by fluorite grinding mill

Release date: 2022-06-01

How to make fluorite into powder by fluorite grinding mill? What are the particle sizes of fluorite ore powder? Do you know the name of the machinery and equipment used in production? Of course, a modern mill production line is used, and its technological process adopts a high-efficiency and large-capacity raymond mill, which needs to go through several stages of crushing, feeding, grinding, powder selection and powder collection.

fluorite grinding mill

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1. The use of fluorite ore powder

Fluorite ore powder is used in many industries such as glass, cement, ceramics and enamel, and different industries require powders of different fineness.

(1). In the glass industry, fluorite is added as a flux and sunscreen, which can promote the melting of glass raw materials.

(2). In cement production, fluorite is added as a mineralizer. Fluorite can reduce the sintering temperature of the charge, reduce fuel consumption, and at the same time increase the liquid phase viscosity of the clinker during sintering, and promote the formation of tricalcium silicate.

(3). In the ceramic industry, fluorite is mainly used as enamel, which can play the role of color and flux in the production process of enamel.

(4). Fluorite is also used in enamel industry and cast stone production.

So, how to make fluorite ore into powder?

2. How to make fluorite ore into powder

How to make fluorite ore into powder? The production of fluorite ore in tons usually requires the help of modern models. It is a complete set of production lines configured with multiple types of machinery. Industrial fluorite ore powder production lines usually customize different pulverizer production lines according to different powder mesh ranges, including 80-mesh to 400-mesh Raymond mill production lines and 400-mesh to 2500-mesh fluorite ore fine powder ultra-fine pulverizers production line. No matter what type of pulverizer production line it is, the common technological process is indispensable for crushing, grinding and dust collection. The specific fluorite ore milling and dust collection process is as follows:

1: fluorite ore crushing

Large pieces of fluorite ore are transported to the raw material warehouse by special vehicles, and then the materials are sent to the jaw crusher by forklifts/manually for crushing.

2: Fluorite ore dosing

The fluorite ore crushed by the crusher is lifted by the elevator to the storage hopper, the storage hopper is discharged, and then the feeder is evenly fed to the host

3: pulverizer grinding

After the fluorite ore enters the pulverizer, the qualified products after grinding are screened out by the screening system to get the fine powder of the fluorite ore particle size, and then enter the collector through the pipeline. The finished product, the unqualified powder falls into the main machine of the pulverizer for re-grinding.

4: Finished Product Collection

The fluorite ore powder enters the pulse dust collector through the ventilation duct connected by the pulverizer, and the fluorite ore powder enters the powder collector for packaging. The air after pulse dust collection and purification flows into the blower through the residual air duct above the dust collector. The air path is circulating. Except for the positive pressure from the blower to the grinding chamber, the air flow in the rest of the pipeline flows under negative pressure, and the indoor sanitary conditions better.

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