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Release date: 2022-10-07

Inherit originality and good quality, and build new charm for innovation and development! As a manufacturer trusted by the majority of users, Guilin Hongcheng constantly improves its R&D strength, deepens the application field of ultra-fine powder processing, closely follows the market and customer needs with the force of reform and innovation, enables the upgrading of ultra-fine grinding equipment with the effect of science and technology, and successfully creates a more efficient, environmentally friendly and stable ultra-fine grinding machine for the powder processing market. Guilin Hongcheng continues to create value for customers and assists in the rapid development of the powder market!

Process upgrading and high-quality reproduction

1. Re upgrading of the classifier: independently developed upgraded high-precision classifier, which can carry out 600-3000 mesh fine powder separation. The particle size distribution of the finished product is more concentrated, and the fine powder content is higher. At the same time, the grinding energy consumption is reduced by 10%, achieving double upgrading of performance gain and energy consumption reduction. 

2. Re upgrading of grinding roll and grinding plate: break through the traditional design, create a new material layer space design, larger contact grinding area, higher grinding efficiency, and effectively solve the problems of low efficiency and high energy consumption in traditional design.

3. Re upgrading of the pressurizing device: the grinding roller adopts an advanced external pressurizing device, which can make the force more balanced, reduce the wear of the oil cylinder, and effectively avoid powder contamination and leakage.

4. The substructure structure is further upgraded: the traditional substructure is canceled, and the new integrated structure is adopted. The assembly datum precision is high, and the accumulated assembly error is small. The manufacturer's overall installation and commissioning ensure that the parts are matched with high precision.

5. Re upgrading of intelligent monitoring system: realize real-time online monitoring, automatic alarm and accident prediction, store data on cloud servers, and manage all kinds of file interfaces in a unified way, making the data "clear" at a glance.

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Guilin Hongcheng promotes the high-quality development of the enterprise by virtue of its high-quality products and services, wins a good reputation with its hard strength, and makes Hongcheng flour mill go to a larger market. We are committed to providing every customer with the highest quality products and services, and create value for customers with a dedicated and professional attitude.

In the face of market competition, there is no fixed product. Guilin Hongcheng's new ultra-fine grinding equipment has realized the strong transformation of the structure of the classifier, grinding roller and grinding disc, pressure device and base structure, and its product advantages have been improved in all directions, making it a leader in the field of ultra-fine powder grinding equipment. In the future, Guilin Hongcheng will adhere to the concept of R&D and innovation, break through new technologies, create new products, and provide customers with a more perfect product experience with the craftsman spirit of excellence.

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