Guilin Hongcheng Bonfire Music Salon Concluded Successfully

Release date: 2023-10-08

The bright moon brings good luck with the clear breeze, and the fragrant osmanthus talks about reunion. On the occasion of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, on the evening of September 22, Guilin Hongcheng held a grand bonfire music salon with the theme of "Dancing Mid-Autumn Festival, Full of Love in Hongcheng". Using songs to express feelings, dance to express feelings, and bonfires to pray, the purpose is to let the Hongcheng family feel the festive and reunited atmosphere of the festival, and to thank the Hongcheng family for their long-term hard work for the development of Hongcheng.

Guilin Hongcheng Bonfire Music Salon Concluded Successfully

Honorary Chairman Rong Pingxun said in his opening speech that on the occasion of the "double festivals" of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, he would like to extend holiday greetings to all Hongcheng family members who have been working hard and dedicated! I hope to continue to work together with my family to create a bright future for Hongcheng!

Then, Mr. Rong Xinguo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, announced the official start of the event. The treetops were filled with festive lanterns, the lanterns were twinkling and the shadows were colorful. The Hongcheng family gathered together to express their love for Mid-Autumn Festival and Hongcheng. The event officially kicked off.

Reunion to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, singing and dancing to welcome the festival. The Hongcheng Chorus opened the show shockingly by singing "Hongcheng's Ambition". "Hongcheng's Ambition" is the new corporate song of Guilin Hongcheng. It shows the vigorous vitality of Hongcheng, embodies Hongcheng's positive attitude of aiming high, and is a symbol of the common memory and emotional ties of Hongcheng people. The Hongcheng family listened to the songs and sang together!

The lights flash and the music plays. Guilin's local original band has carefully prepared a series of Mid-Autumn Festival theme music for Hongcheng. The music has beautiful melodies and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The family members deeply felt the strong festive atmosphere and the power of music.

During the interactive session, the scene was warm and touching. Family members shared their growth, gains and insights at Hongcheng. These insights allow us to better understand the efforts of our families. We are grateful for their contributions to the company. Let us continue to move forward and create a better future together.

Bonfire welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrates the festival happily. The blazing bonfire continued to burn, and the family members held their arms and danced around the bonfire to the music, and the atmosphere directly reached a climax.

Guilin Hongcheng Bonfire Music Salon Concluded Successfully

In the barbecue area, the Hongcheng family enjoyed delicious food, brushed off the fatigue from work, and enjoyed the relaxing night.

Fly in the wind and sing freely. During the free singing session, members of the Hongcheng family sang on stage one after another, showing their musical talents and personal charm, and expressing their joy and reunion with their songs. Various classic and familiar songs played, and the family members sang in chorus. The atmosphere was warm and climaxed one after another.

Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Moon together and express our love for Hong Cheng. Hongcheng has been deeply involved in the powder processing industry for more than 30 years. Its current achievements are inseparable from the persistence and dedication of every Hongcheng family member. Through this party, Hongcheng’s family members became more united and more affectionate, which further enhanced Hongcheng’s cohesion. We will devote ourselves to work with a more positive mental state, build Hongcheng into a better place, continue to create huge value for customers, and help the high-quality development of the powder processing industry.

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