Foundry sand recycling and utilization

Release date: 2024-01-02

According to statistics, for every ton of qualified castings produced, approximately 1.2 tons of waste sand is produced. Currently, foundry sand is rarely recycled and most is discarded. Therefore, foundry sand recycling has become an urgent problem to be solved. Guilin Hongcheng Foundry Sand Grinding Mill Manufacturer, today I will introduce to you how to reuse foundry waste sand.

In fact, a variety of new materials and products can be made from foundry waste sand. It has positive significance in replacing precious natural primary resources and comprehensive utilization of waste. The physical and chemical properties of foundry waste sand itself are the prerequisites for determining its resource development plan. To sum up, foundry waste sand has the following main properties: high SiO2 content, generally above 90%, mixed with a small amount of iron oxide; uniform particles, with vitrified melt on the surface of some sand particles; water glass sand contains about 5% The clay sand contains about 10% of the expired clay mixture and coal powder, and the organic binder sand contains a higher proportion of residual carbon and organic matter; the chemical composition and physical properties of the same waste sand are relatively stable. Based on these properties and other comprehensive factors, foundry waste sand can be comprehensively reused in the following aspects:

1. Manufacturing of polymer-based composite materials from foundry waste sand: Since foundry waste sand has the characteristics of high strength, hardness, and good wear resistance, using waste foundry sand as a reinforcing material for the polymer matrix can give this composite material a high stiffness and hardness.

2. Preparation of CBC composite materials from waste sand and fly ash: Use waste sand and fly ash to prepare CBC composite materials, mainly using waste sand as reinforcing material.

3. Use foundry waste sand to make high-strength sintered materials: use water glass sand as the main raw material, add a small amount of waste glass, so that there is enough glass phase around the sand grains under sintering conditions, and add an appropriate amount of additives to the mixture to make it The formed glass body can be fully crystallized during subsequent heat treatment. In this way, the material can form a composite structure with core particles as the skeleton and crystallized glass as the matrix, showing wear resistance, high hardness, high strength, decorative properties and other properties.

4. Manufacturing sintered foaming materials from waste sand: This material is prepared from waste sand and an appropriate amount of waste glass.

5. Application of foundry waste sand in the construction industry: The construction industry is the industry that consumes the largest amount of quartz sand. The granularity of old foundry sand is very fine and can be used as a fine filler in concrete, used in concrete paving, sewer pipes, paving bricks, etc.

Foundry sand recycling and utilization-HCM grinding mill manufacturer

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The comprehensive utilization of old foundry sand is a better way to save resources and reduce waste emissions. With the continuous development of science and technology, its comprehensive utilization technology will be further developed, and its application prospects and scope will become wider and wider. As a manufacturer of foundry grinding mills, Guilin Hongcheng's foundry sand grinding mills provide good equipment for the reuse of foundry waste sand and can grind 80-2500 mesh micro powder. If you have relevant needs, please feel free to contact us. Leave a message for device details.

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