Can coal gangue be used to make paper?

Release date: 2024-01-03

In recent years, coal gangue is no longer just regarded as the largest industrial solid waste, but as a resource, it has been widely researched and applied in chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, light industry and other fields. So, can coal gangue be used to make paper? The use of coal gangue to produce papermaking grade coating products is not only one of the directions for scientific and technological progress in coal mines, but also an effective way to increase the economic benefits of coal mines.

Coal gangue is a clay rock mineral. Qualified paint-grade calcined kaolin products can be obtained through a combination of leaching and impurity removal, ultra-fine grinding, and calcining to remove carbon and whiten. Its indicators are SiO2 53.4%, Al2O3 43.46%, Fe2O3 0.48%, TiO2 1.02%, whiteness 87.21%, particle size -1250 mesh 99% (-2μm89%), and its product performance meets papermaking coating grade standards.

It is technically feasible to use coal gangue as raw material to prepare papermaking coating grade calcined kaolin. Moreover, the determined process flow indicators are stable, repeatable, and adaptable. The final product not only meets the requirements for coated paper coatings, but also has a high utilization rate and does not generate new solid waste, thus achieving resource utilization of coal gangue.

Can coal gangue be used to make paper-Raymond roller mill

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