Main points of vertical grinding mill slag production

Release date: 2023-12-29

Vertical grinding mill are increasingly used in the production of cement companies due to their unique advantages such as small footprint, low noise, high production quality, strong operability, and integration of drying, grinding, and powder selection. Guilin Hongcheng is a Chinese slag vertical grinding mill brand. Today I will introduce to you the main points of vertical grinding mill slag production.

mMain points of vertical grinding mill slag production

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Main points of vertical grinding mill slag production

1. Stable material bed

Maintaining a stable material bed is the foundation of roller vertical grinding bed grinding and the key to normal operation. When the material bed is unstable, the wet slag entering the grinding machine will be squeezed out in large quantities and cannot be ground. The thickness of the material layer should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Under normal operation, the material bed thickness of the vertical roller mill after compaction by the grinding roller should not be less than 25mm ~ 40mm. And when starting the grinding and feeding materials, the operation method should be adopted with relatively small material, high wind, and small roller pressure to smooth the material bed and ensure stable operation of the mill. If the material bed is unstable during feeding, the mill will not be able to operate normally.

2. Control grinding pressure

Grinding pressure is the main factor affecting mill output, grinding efficiency and mill power. The vertical mill applies high pressure to the material bed and squeezes it with the grinding disc to crush the material. As the pressure increases, the grinding capacity increases and the output increases. In order to protect the reducer, the vertical mill has a maximum pressure value. After reaching this value No more changes.

3. Suitable entering and exiting grinding temperature

The vertical mill is a system that integrates drying, grinding and powder selection. The temperature at the outlet of the mill is a comprehensive indicator to measure whether the drying operation is normal. In order to ensure that the slag is well dried, the moisture content of the grinding material should be less than 0.8%, and the mill outlet temperature is generally controlled to be around 100°C.

4. Control reasonable air volume and speed

Vertical mills mainly rely on airflow to drive material circulation. Reasonable air volume can form good internal circulation, so that the material layer on the grinding disc is appropriate and stable, and the grinding efficiency is high. However, there are many factors that affect the air volume, mainly the capacity of the exhaust fan, the control speed of the powder separator, the opening of the circulation air valve, etc. The air volume is related to the feeding volume. If the feeding volume is large, the air volume should be large; Otherwise, it decreases. The air volume of the fan is affected by the system resistance and can be adjusted by adjusting the fan valve and each air distribution valve. The pressure difference of the mill, the pressure difference of the dust collector, and the amount of recycled material can all reflect the air volume. A pressure difference indicates a large air volume; conversely, a small air volume. The stability of these parameters means the stability of the air volume, thereby ensuring the stability of the material bed. In addition, the pressure difference is also an important parameter that reflects the internal resistance of the mill. The greater the pressure difference, the greater the resistance, and vice versa.

5. Control the specific surface area of ultrafine slag powder

The specific surface area of slag ultrafine powder is affected by the speed of the powder concentrator, system air volume, internal load of the mill, operating pressure, feed volume, etc. When the air volume, operating pressure, and feeding amount remain unchanged, the fineness can be adjusted by manually changing the speed of the powder separator. During adjustment, the maximum increase or decrease is 4r/min each time. If it is too large, the load of the mill and the powder separator will be increased, increasing the specific surface area can also be achieved by increasing the operating pressure, reducing the feed volume or reducing the air volume, etc. The four can be adjusted according to the actual wear conditions.

Guilin Hongcheng is a slag vertical grinding mill manufacturer. The HLM slag vertical grinding mill we produce has been widely used and has a good reputation in the market. It can grind 80-2500 mesh slag powder with a wide range of output sizes and models. If you have If you have any needs, please leave a message to learn more about the equipment details.

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