Construction Waste Vertical Roller Mill Grinding Process

Release date: 2023-05-06

The resource treatment of concrete construction waste is developing towards the technical direction of recycled coarse aggregate, while the construction waste with brick-concrete structure mainly needs to be developed towards the technical direction of recycled micropowder. The current grinding process for processing construction waste has disadvantages such as high energy consumption, low efficiency, low purity of construction waste ore powder, low fineness, and high moisture content. As a manufacturer of construction waste grinding mill, Guilin Hongcheng introduces a construction waste grinding process for you today.

Construction Waste Vertical Roller Mill Grinding Process

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After the construction waste is processed by the construction waste grinding process, it can be used in the manufacture of concrete recycled aggregate, the manufacture of recycled unburned bricks, the production of recycled unburned masonry cement, and the processing of other new building materials, which is to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. In the field of construction waste renewable resources, how to increase the output of sand and powder, how to improve the grinding fineness of construction waste mineral powder, how to accurately collect and classify sand powder, how to solve the high moisture content of sand powder, how to reduce energy consumption and other issues It is a question that requires continuous follow-up and exploration. The aggregates of construction waste mainly of brick-concrete structure after conventional crushing and screening have the characteristics of being wet, sticky, miscellaneous, and mixed. The construction waste grinding process has relatively high requirements on the moisture content of the particles. No matter what kind of production system is used, when the water content exceeds 5%, it will affect the output of construction waste mineral powder, thereby increasing energy consumption and reducing output. The cost increases and the economic benefit decreases. The traditional grinding production line in the building materials industry cannot meet the actual needs of recycled sand powder. Because the raw material is a mixture of sintered bricks, the quality of the construction waste slag powder that has not been screened and dried for dust collection and ultra-fine grinding is difficult to meet the use standards of the building materials industry. As a manufacturer of construction waste grinding machines, Guilin Hongcheng has rich experience in the design of construction waste grinding processes. Today, I will summarize for you the construction waste grinding processes that are economical, energy-saving, and in line with national environmental protection policies.

Guilin Hongcheng construction waste grinding process adopts vertical abrasive layer grinding equipment technology, and has developed high-efficiency grinding and grading devices, combined wear-resistant feeding chute, skirt-type aggregate discharge device, online detection of grinding roller speed device, etc. , developed a set of construction waste vertical grinding process system, vertical roller mill construction waste grinding process: the grinding material is sent to the center of the rotating grinding disc by the air lock feeding equipment, and under the action of centrifugal force, the material is sent to the periphery of the grinding disc Move and enter the grinding roller table. It is crushed under the pressure of the grinding roller. At the same time, the ground material is blown up by the high-speed airflow at the wind ring, and the suspended material is dried. The fine powder is then brought into the separator by the hot air for classification. The qualified fine powder is collected by the dust collection equipment as a product, and the unqualified The coarse powder falls to the grinding disc for re-grinding, and this cycle completes the whole process of grinding operation, realizing the integrated operation of material fine crushing, drying, grinding and powder selection. The vertical mill processes the recycled micropowder produced by construction waste, which is characterized by high dust quality, loose structure and high degree of recycling. Its activity is equivalent to that of secondary fly ash, and has potential application value. This construction waste grinding process provides a new way for the resource utilization of construction waste.

The grinding properties of construction waste are influenced by the environment as well as the composition and physical properties of the waste. The lower the sand content, the specific surface area is greater than or equal to the quality, the lower the crushed stone quality, and the larger the exposed area, the better the quality and fineness of the abrasive grains during the grinding process. In addition, the structural characteristics of the construction waste mill will also affect the crushing process. For the appropriate value of the crushing efficiency and particle size of construction waste, the use of a construction waste mill with excellent performance is a priority. Guilin Hongcheng HLM vertical mill is an ideal equipment for the construction waste grinding process. It adopts frequency conversion to control the speed of the grinding table, and adjusts the speed of the grinding table according to the grindingability index, output and fineness requirements of construction waste materials to adapt to different types of construction waste materials. It realizes the double improvement of the cutting accuracy and classification efficiency of the recycled micropowder of construction waste, and overcomes the low production rate, high energy consumption, insufficient grinding fineness, high moisture content of the existing construction waste recycling sand powder production line, and the on-site Defects such as high noise. A new equipment technology is provided for construction waste disposal enterprises. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the construction waste grinding process.

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