Production method of construction waste regenerated bricks

Release date: 2023-05-05

Construction waste regenerated bricks are also called regenerated stone powder bricks. It is a waste regeneration resource that produces regenerated stone powder from construction waste through a waste brick grinding mill, and then presses it into bricks. Construction waste has always been a major problem in cities, and if not handled properly, it will have serious impacts on the environment and human health. At present, construction waste recycled bricks have become one of the effective means to deal with construction waste. Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of waste brick griding mills, will introduce to you today the production methods of construction waste recycled bricks and recycled stone powder bricks.

Waste brick grinding mill

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1. Collection of raw materials

The production of construction waste recycled bricks first requires the collection of raw materials, that is, construction waste, mainly including concrete, bricks, tiles and asphalt. When collecting, it is necessary to classify different types of construction waste and not mix them up for subsequent processing.

2. Crushing and screening

After the raw materials are collected, they need to be crushed and screened. The first is crushing, which turns construction waste into sand and gravel particles of a certain size through crushing. Then the crushed construction waste is divided into particles of different particle sizes by screening, so that the recycled bricks of different particle sizes have different strengths and durability.

3. Stirring and pressing

After being crushed and screened, the construction waste particles are mixed with an appropriate amount of cement and other ingredients in proportion. After the mixing is completed, the material is pressed into the required brick shape and then cured. Through this step of treatment, the construction waste can be regenerated, and the use of raw materials is also saved.

4. Qualification inspection

After mixing and pressing, the recycled bricks need to be tested for quality. Mainly inspect the strength, durability and water resistance of recycled bricks to ensure that they can be used safely and reliably. Only recycled bricks that meet the regulations can be sold and used. The failed bricks can be reused by re-crushing and sorting, which can improve the utilization rate of raw materials.

The above is the production method of construction waste recycled bricks and recycled stone powder bricks. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of waste brick grinding machines. The waste brick grinding machines we produce are the main grinding equipment in the production of construction waste recycled bricks and recycled stone powder bricks, which can greatly improve the fineness and output of recycled stone powder. One machine can produce 200-mesh fine powder and 40-mesh sand at the same time, providing equipment assistance for the quality assurance of construction waste recycled bricks and recycled stone powder bricks. If you have purchase requirements for waste brick grinding machine, welcome to leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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