Can vertical mill process copper slag

Release date: 2023-09-14

Copper slag is rich in copper, iron, cobalt, nickel and other metals and is a very valuable metallurgical secondary resource. If the valuable metals in these copper slags can be comprehensively recovered, it will bring huge economic and social benefits. So can the vertical mill process copper slag?

Can vertical mill process copper slag

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The copper slag after water quenching has a dense structure, a complex relationship between copper minerals and fayalite, and extremely fine particle size, making it a secondary resource that is extremely difficult to recover. To achieve effective separation of fine-grained minerals, fine grinding or ultra-fine grinding must be carried out to dissociate useful mineral monomers. Can the vertical grinding mill commonly used for slag processing process copper ash? Yes, choosing a vertical mill for grinding copper slag can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve economic benefits.

Because of its high grinding efficiency in the fine grinding of non-metallic ores, vertical mills began to be used in the fine grinding of metallic ores in the mid-to-late 1980s. Based on nearly 30 years of experience in basic crushing and grinding theory and technical equipment research, Guilin Hongcheng has conducted research on vertical fine grinding technology and equipment for metal ores, and has achieved success in iron ore, manganese ore, copper ore and other industries. The application has gradually changed the previous grinding methods, allowing the coarse particles in low-grade tailings to be monomer dissociated, improving the grinding fineness, and better meeting the needs of mineral processing production.

Compared with primary ore, copper slag is harder and denser, and is brittle and difficult to grind. Production practice shows that the vertical mill is fully suitable for regrinding and fine grinding of copper smelting slag. In addition, the vertical mill uses metal magnetic linings, which has a long service life, significantly reduces the frequency of on-site maintenance and replacement, and has low consumption of grinding media. Compared with traditional ball mills, it greatly saves the operating costs of the equipment. If you have copper slag grinding needs, please leave us a message for details of vertical grinding mill.

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