80-2500 Mesh Tourmaline Powder Uses

Release date: 2024-01-31

The 80-2500 mesh tourmaline powder uses is to remove impurities from the raw tourmaline ore and then crush it through a tourmaline vertical grinding mill. The processed and purified tourmaline powder has high negative ion production and far-infrared emissivity, so it is also called negative ion powder.

80-2500 Mesh Tourmaline Powder Uses-Vertical Grinding Mill

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80-2500 Mesh Tourmaline Powder Uses

1. Water treatment materials

The spontaneous polarization characteristics of tourmaline create an electrostatic field around it and strong adsorption. It can effectively adsorb metal ions and acid ions in the solution and crystallize out from the surface of the tourmaline, thereby purifying the water. Therefore, tourmaline is a good environmental material for water pollution control. As an excellent raw material for preparing adsorbents, it has very good application prospects.

2. Health textiles

The number of negative oxygen ions in the air is one of the important criteria for evaluating air quality, because negative oxygen ions can reduce the content of dust and harmful gases in the air. Water in the air can be electrolyzed by tourmaline, thereby increasing the number of negative oxygen ions in the air. In addition, tourmaline can produce infrared radiation that is absorbed by the human body, resulting in a thermal effect, which increases the temperature of local tissues of the human body, dilates blood vessels, accelerates blood flow, improves local blood circulation, and has a health care effect. Therefore, tourmaline can be used in textile manufacturing to make clothing with health care functions.

3. Coating additives

Tourmaline mineral materials can be used as additives in negative ion paints. Paints added with ultra-fine tourmaline powder can meet the requirements of general paints in terms of color, texture, and scrub resistance. They can also release a certain concentration of negative ions to achieve a certain sterilization effect.

4. Photocatalytic materials

TiO2 is a highly active photocatalytic material with good thermal stability and strong resistance to photooxidation. However, the recombination rate of photoelectrons and holes generated by TiO2 is high and the photocatalytic efficiency is low, which affects the industrial application of TiO2. Tourmaline has spontaneous polarization and infrared radiation properties. Making tourmaline and TiO2 into composite materials can not only improve the photocatalytic activity of TiO2, but also have the advantages of both materials.

5. Fuel activation

Tourmaline has a high infrared radiation emissivity in the 3-6.2μm band. The radiation in this band is conducive to human body absorption and produces thermal effects, so tourmaline mineral materials have health care and physical therapy functions. At the same time, the excellent infrared radiation properties of tourmaline mineral materials can also be used to improve fuel combustion efficiency.

The tourmaline mined from the mine is not very pure. It needs to be manually selected to select the complete crystal structure and rinse it uniformly in water. This process can remove many impurities and make the ore purer. The selected ore can be Dry and process with a tourmaline ultra-fine grinder. The finer the tourmaline is crushed, the stronger the energy released: the negative ion release amount of 100 mesh is 200IONS; the negative ion release amount of 325 mesh is about 400IONS; the negative ion release amount of 1250 mesh can reach 800IONS.

The tourmaline powder processed by Guilin Hongcheng Tourmaline Vertical Grinding Mill has several major characteristics: finer particle size and even distribution, which avoids uneven thickness of the processed powder. The finished product has a particle size of 325-2500 mesh, making tourmaline powder uses very widely. If you have related processing needs, please leave us a message for details.

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