Grinding Principle of Kaolin Grinding Mill

Release date: 2024-02-01

At present, kaolin is mostly ground by Raymond mill. Due to the limited output of Raymond mill, the green development of kaolin industry has been restricted to a large extent. How to significantly increase the single-machine production capacity of kaolin and achieve energy conservation, environmental protection, and consumption reduction have become objective technical problems that kaolin companies must solve for large-scale and intensive production. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the design and application of vertical mills, Guilin Hongcheng keenly discovered the market demand and developed a kaolin ultrafine vertical mill. Today I will introduce to you the grinding principle of the kaolin grinding mill.

Grinding Principle of Kaolin Grinding Mill

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Guilin Hongcheng has developed a high-efficiency and energy-saving powder making equipment, the HLMX ultra-fine vertical mill, which integrates crushing, drying, grinding and classification functions based on extensive absorption of advanced foreign vertical mill technology and application experience. Widely used in cement, electric power, steel, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals and other industries. The HLMX vertical mill draws on the strengths of others and eliminates the bad. It adopts disc-shaped grinding discs, tire-shaped grinding rollers, integral roller sleeves, and grinding rollers that are individually pressurized and can lift the rollers or turn them out of the mill. The powder separator adopts variable frequency speed regulation. Dynamic and static separators, the above integrated innovations make the HLMX vertical grinding mill highly adaptable to materials, stable in operation, and low in noise. It has the advantages of less loss tolerance, low power consumption, simple operation, reliable control, easy maintenance, and easy adjustment of product fineness.

Grinding principle of the kaolin grinding mill

After the kaolin raw materials are crushed to a certain particle size, they are sent to the vertical grinding mill through metering and mechanical conveying equipment. Due to the centrifugal force of the rotating grinding disc, the material moves from the center of the grinding disc to the edge of the disc and enters the gap between the rollers. It is driven by the moving arm and hydraulic cylinder. The wave pressure device composed of high-pressure pipelines and other equipment provides the tensioning force of the grinding roller to squeeze and shear the material. The ground material continues to move outward and overflows the grinding disc. The high-speed airflow at the air ring blows up the overflowing material. It is sent to the powder selection area at the top of the mill, and the products that meet the fineness requirements are discharged from the mill and collected as finished products. The larger particles in the air flow fall back to the grinding disc for re-grinding due to the dual action of their own weight and the powder selection motor blades. The process is repeated many times, and finally the product fineness reaches the standard.

The HLMX kaolin grinding mill has specially designed roller sleeves and liner grinding curves for ultra-fine powder grinding, making it easier to form a material layer, with high grinding efficiency and high one-time grinding yield; it is equipped with a secondary air separation classification system. The powder selection efficiency is high, and it can effectively separate coarse powder and fine powder. The sorting fineness can be as high as 3μm, and qualified products of various specifications can be obtained. If you have any needs for kaolin grinding mill, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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