Apatite Grinding Mill Process

Release date: 2024-01-30

Guilin Hongcheng provides apatite grinding mill for apatite mineral processing. Apatite is the main raw material for making phosphorus and phosphate fertilizer. Grind apatite into phosphate rock powder using a apatite vertical grinding mill and use it directly as an acidic soil fertilizer.

Apatite Grinding Mill Process

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The application of apatite is generally to process it into phosphate rock powder before use. The production of phosphate rock powder mainly involves deep processing of raw apatite ore through crushing and grinding equipment and then into fine powder for further application in various industries.

Apatite Grinding Mill Process

Apatite crushing is divided into three or four stages. They are coarse crushing, fine crushing and powdering.

The general process of phosphate rock powder processing is: the raw phosphate rock ore is transported by a vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and then transported to the cone crusher for fine crushing and shaping. An impact crusher can be added as needed, and then The vibrating screen sieves, and transports the apatite that meets the fineness of the mill to the mill for grinding and powdering. The apatite that does not meet the feed requirements of the mill is returned to the cone crusher for re-crushing, and then screened and transported. When powder is produced in the mill, the entire process is in a closed-circuit cycle mode, with a powder extraction rate of over 90%. Powder making equipment can be processed using vertical mills, and the finished products can be directly used in various fields.

The selection of pulverizing equipment in the processing process of apatite grinding mill mainly depends on the fineness of the powder produced. The output of various grinding equipment depends on the model size. If you have purchasing needs for apatite grinding mill, please leave us a message for details.

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