What is the purpose of grinding anode mud? How to grind?

Release date: 2024-03-15

What is the purpose of grinding anode mud? In order to ensure the compactness of the anode product, a certain proportion of powder (approximately 45%) needs to be added to fill the gaps between the granules when manufacturing the raw anode. The main sources of powder are coke dust collected by the dust collection system and some fine particles (6~0mm) separated from the petroleum coke. The incoming materials are crushed into powder by anode mud pendulum mill. So, how to grind the anode mud?

What is the purpose of grinding anode mud? How to grind?-Pendulum Mill

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The grinding anode mud adopts Vertical Pendulum Mill. The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is quantitatively fed into the pendulum mill. The dust-containing gas coming out of the anode mud mill is sorted by the air separator. The coarse particles are separated and returned to the anode mud mill for re-grinding. Qualified fine powder is collected by the cyclone collector and sent to the powder batching bin. The circulating air enters the anode mud mill through the ventilator for recycling production. The excess wind generated during the grinding process is purified and discharged into the atmosphere. In addition to being used for ingredients, part of the powder is used as an adsorbent for asphalt flue gas during the kneading and molding processes. It is used for the adsorption treatment of asphalt flue gas. After adsorbing the asphalt flue gas, it directly enters the mixing and kneading section.

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