What grinding mill is used to grind 200 mesh china clay?

Release date: 2024-02-29

In industrial production, porcelain clay is used as a raw material for ceramics, and it needs to be crushed to more than 200 mesh. So, what grinding mill is used to grind 200 mesh china clay? This requires the help of a china clay grinding mill. Guilin Hongcheng is a manufacturer of china clay grinding mills, we produce types of grinding mills.

What grinding mill is used to grind 200 mesh china clay-China Clay Vertical Grinding Mill

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What grinding mill is used to grind 200 mesh china clay?

Commonly used porcelain China Clay Grinding Mills in production include: Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine vertical mill, ring roller mill, etc. Different equipment has different discharge fineness and different materials that can be processed. What grinding mill is used to grind 200 mesh china clay? Generally speaking, Raymond mill is a more economical and affordable choice. The grinding fineness of Raymond mill is usually between 80-400 mesh, the fineness is adjustable and controllable, and the powder particle size is uniform, which can meet the production needs of ceramic raw materials. However, the production capacity of Raymond mill is limited. For large-scale ceramic raw material production enterprises, Raymond mill is not the most ideal choice. For porcelain clay crushing projects with an output of more than 20 tons per hour, we recommend that you choose HLM vertical mill as the porcelain clay crushing machinery.

The vertical grinding mill has an environmentally friendly configuration and is a commonly used 200-mesh china clay crushing machine. Vertical grinding mill is an energy-saving crushing mill equipment that integrates crushing, drying, grinding, grading and transportation. It can be widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals and other industries, focusing on non-metallic minerals, Coal powder and slag.

Vertical grinding mill crushing porcelain clay has the following production advantages:

1. The grinding roller directly crushes the materials to be ground on the grinding disc, reducing energy consumption; the hot air directly contacts the materials in the grinding mill, which has strong drying ability and eliminates the need for a dryer; the grinding roller sleeve is used to avoid direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, reducing wear and tear. ; The roller sleeve of the grinding roller can be used in reverse, doubling the service life.

2. The whole machine works under sealed negative pressure without dust spillage; it is equipped with a limit device to avoid destructive impact and vibration noise; the transmission system adopts a low-noise planetary gear reducer.

What grinding mill is used to grind 200 mesh china clay? As a manufacturer of china clay grinding mill, Guilin Hongcheng has rich experience in the design of china clay crushing projects and has many successful customer cases. If you have needs for china clay crushing projects, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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