Laterite Powder Ultrafine Vertical Mill

Release date: 2024-02-28

In order to solve the crushing technology method in the production of laterite powder, Guilin Hongcheng has been focusing on summarizing the production status of various natural ores for many years. It is recommended that you choose the HLMX Laterite Powder Ultrafine Vertical Mill.

In recent years, there has been widespread demand for natural iron red production and development technology. However, due to technical bottlenecks, the production and processing of natural laterite powder is still difficult to replace artificial synthetic materials. Judging from the production cycle and price situation, the use of artificial iron red technology not only has a long process, serious pollution, but also has a price that is 42.9% higher than natural iron red.

Guilin Hongcheng HLMX Laterite Powder Ultrafine Vertical Mill can obtain the specific gravity of various material particles, comprehensively control the production timeliness and grinding degree, and achieve the purpose of 1250-1500 mesh and above.

Laterite Powder Ultrafine Vertical Mill

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HLMX ultrafine vertical mill uses single-head and multi-head powder separators to effectively control the fineness of the finished product. The fineness range of finished products is wide, from 3μm to 22μm, and qualified products of various specifications can be obtained efficiently. If you have related laterite powder production needs, please leave a message to Hongcheng, the iron red grinding mill manufacturer, for details.

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