What are the uses of silicomanganese slag?

Release date: 2024-01-24

What are the uses of silicomanganese slag? Silico-manganese slag is an industrial waste slag formed by cooling the high-temperature slag discharged when ferroalloy enterprises use manganese ore, manganese-rich slag, lime, coke, silica and other raw materials to smelt silicon-manganese alloy in submerged furnaces. How to realize the utilization of silicomanganese slag? Today, Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of silicomanganese slag vertical grinding mill, will give you a detailed introduction today.

What are the uses of silicomanganese slag-vertical grinding mill

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What are the uses of silicomanganese slag?

① Utilize silicomanganese slag to produce cement clinker

Li Junhong uses granular silico-manganese slag and tin slag as ingredients to bake Portland cement clinker in a shaft kiln. Adding an appropriate amount of silicomanganese slag to the raw meal can produce silicate clinker with good stability, normal setting time and high early strength. Using silicomanganese slag, nickel slag, and coal gangue ingredients to burn clinker in a mechanical vertical kiln, and using fly ash as a mixed material to produce ordinary Portland cement, this can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce cement production costs and improve Improve the quality of cement and have significant social and economic benefits. However, when using silicomanganese slag to bake cement clinker, the amount of manganese added should be controlled (0.4%~0.6%). Excessive manganese will hinder the burning of clinker. Therefore, when silicamanganese slag is used as a raw material to bake clinker, the amount of manganese added should be controlled. The amount is small, generally controlled at around 8%, which is of no substantial help for piling up large amounts of silicomanganese slag that is in urgent need of treatment.

② Preparation of cement concrete admixtures using silicomanganese slag

About 20 years ago, someone ground silicomanganese slag into ultra-fine particles after special processing, tried to prepare low-slump C60 concrete and applied it to the project, indicating the feasibility of using silicomanganese slag to prepare cement concrete admixtures. After mixing 5% and 15% silicomanganese slag powder into the mortar, the 7d strength decreased compared to the benchmark, but the 28d and 90d strengths were close to the benchmark. At the same time, the addition of silicon manganese slag powder reduces the large pores in the cement slurry and increases the pores less than 0.01 μm, making the cement slurry show good corrosion resistance in various corrosive media (NaCl solution, artificial seawater and Na2SO4 solution) performance. The existing research on the use of silicomanganese slag as admixtures mainly focuses on small dosages (less than 20%) of a single fineness, but does not involve the impact of large dosages and different finenesses of silicomanganese slag admixtures on cement, Comprehensive research on the mechanical properties and durability of concrete. At the same time, only simple mechanical grinding of the low-activity silicomanganese slag admixture was carried out without other ways to improve its activity.

③ Silicomanganese slag is used in other building materials

Using 62.5% granular silicomanganese slag powder, diatomite and clay as the base body, mixed with waste ceramics, through pressure molding, drying and calcination at 1050°C, the performance index can be prepared to meet JC/T945-2005 "Water Permeability" Permeable bricks required by Bricks. Research has found that granular silicomanganese slag has a strong ability to form glass. When the dosage of silicomanganese slag is 30% to 40%, it can be used together with carbon chromium slag and cullet to prepare glass-ceramics with good performance and decorative effects. Although granular silicomanganese slag is used to produce building materials such as permeable bricks and crystallized glass with a high utilization rate, it is difficult to be promoted on a large scale due to cost, process and other limitations.

What are the uses of silicomanganese slag? The utilization of silicomanganese slag in the fields of construction materials such as cement concrete, alkali-activated cementitious materials and pavement concrete can not only reduce the environmental pollution of silicomanganese slag, but also obtain building materials with excellent performance, which can be widely promoted. Silico-manganese slag vertical grinding mill is a grinding equipment used for grinding silico-manganese slag. It can fully stimulate the activity of silico-manganese slag and provide good equipment assistance for the utilization of silico-manganese slag in building materials. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message.

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