How to sodiumize phosphogypsum?

Release date: 2024-01-25

How to sodiumize phosphogypsum? Sodiumized phosphogypsum has good gelling effect and thermal stability, and is suitable for the production of building materials and fire-fighting products. It can save a lot of storage space costs and solve the problem of surface and groundwater pollution by phosphogypsum.

Phosphogypsum is a solid waste residue produced during the production process of phosphoric acid extracted by sulfuric acid. Every ton of phosphoric acid produced will produce 4.5 to 5.5 tons of phosphogypsum. The large discharge of phosphogypsum not only occupies a large amount of land, but also due to the long-term soaking of phosphogypsum by rainwater. The soluble phosphorus and fluorine are transferred to the environment through water bodies, causing pollution to soil, water systems, and the atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve the sustainable development of the phosphate fertilizer industry and the high utilization of phosphogypsum.

How to sodiumize phosphogypsum?

Sodium phosphogypsum ingredients are composed of phosphogypsum, attapulgite clay, magnesium oxide, sodium carbonate, instant sodium silicate, polyvinyl alcohol and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Sodiumization method of phosphogypsum: Use high-temperature flue gas to dehydrate phosphogypsum into semi-hydrated gypsum to enhance the gelling effect of phosphogypsum. After dehydration of phosphogypsum, it is beneficial to improve the flame retardancy, sound insulation and heat insulation properties of phosphogypsum. Effect. Attapulgite, also known as palygorskite or palygorskite, is a hydrous magnesium-rich aluminum silicate clay mineral with a layered chain structure. Attapulgite clay has a unique layered chain structure, and the crystals are needle-shaped. Attapulgite clay has good colloidal properties such as unique dispersion, high temperature resistance, and salt-alkali resistance, high adsorption capacity, and has certain plasticity and adhesion. Magnesium oxide has the properties of an alkaline oxide and is a cementing material that can improve the colloidal properties of phosphogypsum. The sodiumized phosphogypsum ingredients are input into the phosphogypsum vertical grinding mill for grinding. The powder after grinding is sodiumized phosphogypsum with a particle size of ≤0.074 mm.

How to sodiumize phosphogypsum-Vertical Grinding Mill

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How to sodiumize phosphogypsum? The HLM phosphogypsum vertical grinding mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng is the main equipment for realizing the sodiumification of phosphogypsum. It provides good assistance for the grinding of phosphogypsum and mixed ingredients. It can process 80-600 mesh phosphogypsum powder. If you have relevant needs , welcome to leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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