Waste porcelain powder production waste porcelain powder slurry

Release date: 2023-05-29

In the process of ceramic production, substandard products will inevitably appear. If these substandard products are treated as solid waste, it will not only be difficult to deal with, but will also greatly increase production costs. Therefore, it is imperative to reuse waste porcelain after crushing. As a manufacturer of waste porcelain powder mill, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the method of producing waste porcelain powder slurry from waste porcelain powder.

Waste porcelain powder production waste porcelain powder slurry

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The chemical composition of ordinary waste porcelain powder includes sio2, al2o3, k2o, and na2o, among which the content of al2o3 is close to that of feldspar, and the content of k2o and na2o is lower than that of feldspar. In general, waste porcelain powder can be partially replaced in the mud formula. Waste porcelain powder belongs to the calcined material, and its excessive addition will lead to changes in the performance of mud and porcelain, and increasing the proportion will cause deviations in hard indicators such as water absorption. Then, how to increase the amount of waste porcelain powder in the mud by using the conventional firing production method while ensuring the mud and porcelain-forming properties remain unchanged is a technical problem that needs to be solved at present.

The process of waste porcelain powder recycling to produce waste porcelain powder slurry

1. The waste porcelain produced in the ceramic production process is crushed, the particle diameter does not exceed 5mm, and it is ground through a 350-mesh sieve through a waste porcelain powder mill, and the sieve residue is less than 6.0%, made into waste porcelain powder.

2. Mix the waste porcelain powder into the production mud for ceramic production. 

3. Produce ceramic products mixed with waste porcelain powder slurry according to conventional firing methods. Waste porcelain powder belongs to barren raw materials. According to its chemical composition, it can replace part of the barren raw materials in the original formula, such as quartz sand, feldspar and kaolin with low plasticity. In the present embodiment, 9% of the waste porcelain powder has replaced 2% quartz sand, 3% arborite, 3% kaolin and 1% sericite. The addition of waste porcelain powder is controlled at 9%, which will not affect the plasticity of the production mud, but also ensure the chemical composition of the production mud. Compared with the original production mud, the composition data and performance of the production mud after adding waste porcelain powder are basically unchanged.

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