New Technology of Ceramic Raw Grinding

Release date: 2023-05-27

At present, the grinding equipment in ceramic industry is mainly ball mill. The biggest disadvantage of the ball mill is that it has less useful work and low efficiency. Ceramic raw material vertical mill, as a new type of ceramic raw material grinding equipment, plays an important role in energy saving and productivity improvement of ceramic raw material grinding. Today, Guilin Hongcheng ceramic raw material vertical mill manufacturer will introduce you to the new process and new technology of ceramic raw material grinding.

New Technology of Ceramic Raw Grinding-Vertical Roller Mill

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New ceramic raw material grinding process The new technology adopts the two-stage grinding process of "vertical pre-grinding" and "ball mill", which effectively avoids the large amount of energy consumed by the material in the initial crushing stage of the ball mill and reduces the cost of the ball mill. At the same time, it can greatly shorten the time spent on the entire ball milling process of materials, thus achieving energy saving in the raw material preparation stage. The so-called vertical pre-grinding is actually a reform of the vertical mill, which adds a combing device and a screening device inside the mill, and cancels the air separation system. The powder is discharged from the lower part of the mill, and hot air can be ventilated inside the mill. Drying, which solves the problem that the raw materials in the south have high moisture content and cannot be ground. The grinding principle of vertical pre-grinding belongs to "material bed grinding", or "material bed extrusion grinding". The advantages of material bed extrusion grinding are more useful work, high mechanical efficiency and less wear. The joint application of vertical pre-grinding and ball mill in the grinding of ceramic raw materials is a kind of ceramic raw material processing for the ceramic raw materials (sand and mud) commonly used in ceramic enterprises at present with the processing technology of "traditional single ball mill". Innovation in craftsmanship. The sand and gravel are ground by vertical pre-grinding, and then screened. The qualified powder is sent to the ball mill for grinding, and the unqualified powder is returned to the vertical pre-grinding mill for regrinding. At the same time, the mud is crushed, pulped, separated, ground, and then enters the slurry tank. The two-stage grinding process is used to avoid the large energy consumption of large materials in the initial crushing stage of the ball mill, which greatly shortens the entire ball milling process time of materials, greatly reduces the energy consumption of the ball mill, and thus achieves energy saving in the raw material preparation stage. The new ceramic raw material grinding process and new technology can easily realize the automation of the raw material processing process. From feeding to discharging and the materials of various formulas can be digitally controlled by computer programming, etc., and each key part has monitoring image points.

Ceramic raw material vertical mill is a new high-efficiency and energy-saving ceramic raw material grinding process. It solves the problem of huge energy consumption in the traditional ceramic production process, reduces the energy consumption of ceramic raw material grinding, and improves the production efficiency of ceramic production. The development of the ceramic industry is of great significance. Its main advantages are as follows:

(1) Since there is no direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc during the vertical pre-grinding operation, the wear is small, and the finished material meets the requirements of the ceramic production process.

(2) The new process adopts: the vertical pre-grinding is the raw material with a particle size of ≤50mm, and the vertical pre-grinding grinds the raw material to a particle size of ≤150 mesh, and then sends it to a ball mill for grinding, which can save energy by about 25-40%.

(3) Created a precedent for the intelligent control of the ceramic raw material processing process: for the ceramic raw material grinding process, a centralized industrial controller is used on the main equipment to precisely control the processing parameters of the ceramic raw material, which can realize the ceramic raw material grinding process automation control.

(4) With the new ball milling process, raw materials with a particle size of ≤150-200 mesh (adjustable) are fed into the ball mill, and the particle size of the raw materials is relatively uniform. In order to further improve the efficiency of grinding raw materials, shorten the ball milling time and reduce the wear of ball stones.

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