Vertical grinding mill assists barite powder preparation

Release date: 2023-02-04

There are many models in the market for barite powder preparation. Why does Hongcheng strongly recommend the use of vertical grinding mills for barite powder preparation? The vertical grinding mill is Guilin Hongcheng's pioneering research and development of drying, grinding, grading and conveying for the bottlenecks of traditional mills such as low output, high energy consumption, and high maintenance costs. HLM vertical grinding mill has set off a frenzy of imitation in the field of large-scale pulverization, and has become the mainstream equipment in the pulverization fields of coal mines, cement, slag, and non-metallic ores.

Vertical grinding mill assists barite powder preparation

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Barite powder, also known as barium sulfate powder, has a chemical composition of BaSO4, and its crystal is a sulfate mineral of orthorhombic (orthorhombic) crystal system. Often in the form of thick plate or columnar crystals, mostly dense block or plate, granular aggregates. When pure, it is colorless and transparent, and when it contains impurities, it is dyed into various colors, with white streaks, glass luster, transparent to translucent, complete and moderate cleavage in 3 directions, Mohs hardness 3-3.5, and specific gravity 4.5.

Barite is the raw material for extracting barium. It can be ground into fine powder and used as a mud weighting agent for drilling. It can be broken into pieces to replace stones as materials for anti-radiation gravity walls. It can also be used as various white pigments, paints and rubber industry, Fillers and chemicals in the paper industry, etc.

Barite powder has a wide range of uses, so it is inseparable from the help of a mill production line. Guilin Hongcheng vertical mill is selected for barite powder preparation to increase production and value, which is an ideal choice for customers. Welcome to leave a message to learn more about the details about barite powder preparation vertical mill.

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