Ultrafine Vertical Mill Processing Barite

Release date: 2024-01-05

The outstanding features of high-purity, high-whiteness ultra-fine barite are: superior optical properties, good dispersion and good adsorption. Using an ultrafine vertical mill processing barite can still maintain the crystal structure of the mineral, so it can replace titanium dioxide in coatings, rubber, plastics, papermaking, ceramics and other industries.

Ultrafine Vertical Mill Processing Barite

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The process of processing barite by ultrafine vertical mill is a dry process. Barite has low Mohs hardness, high density, good brittleness, and is easy to crush. Commonly used equipment include airflow mill, mechanical impact mill, ring roller mill, ultrafine vertical mill, etc. Among them, the use of ultra-fine vertical mill can crush barite to D97≤5μm. Ultra-fine barite powder replaces titanium dioxide process: the barite block is processed by an ultra-fine grinding machine to obtain -15μm fine raw material, which is roasted in a roasting furnace for 2.5 hours to become clinker, and is washed with water to remove alkali. After dilute pickling, beat the pulp, add sulfuric acid and aluminum powder (acid-soluble, bleached) into the reaction kettle, stir and react at boiling temperature for 2.5 hours to obtain bleaching material, wash away soluble salts with clean water, press filter, and dry (170°C ) becomes the finished product.

In the processing method of replacing titanium dioxide with ultra-fine barite powder, bleaching treatment and ultra-fine grinding are the two key technologies. Bleaching treatment is carried out by roasting (removing carbon) and pickling (removing impurities and colored elements). Therefore, it is necessary to master the roasting temperature and time, acid concentration, rinsing time, adding amount and frequency of reducing agent, etc., and all should be selected reasonably. For ultra-fine grinding, a high-efficiency grinding machine should be used, and relevant parameters should be selected reasonably.

Guilin Hongcheng HLMX ultrafine vertical mill is an ideal ultrafine grinding mill to process barite equipment. It breaks through the processing bottleneck of traditional ultra-fine grinding mills. After secondary classification, the ultra-fine grinding mill can process barite with a particle size of Up to 3μm, the output is as high as 4-40t/h. If you have relevant needs, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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