How to grind silicon nitride powder?

Release date: 2024-01-06

Silicon nitride has high temperature resistance and good thermal shock resistance, rich raw materials, good processing performance, and wide range of uses. However, silicon nitride often needs to be ground during processing to adapt to subsequent processing. So, how to grind silicon nitride powder? What is used to grind silicon nitride powder?

How to grind silicon nitride powder?

Silicon nitride preparation methods include reaction sintering and hot pressing sintering. The former is made by adding a small amount of Si3N4 powder to silicon powder. After molding, it is nitrided at 1210°C for 1.5 hours under nitrogen, then mechanically processed, and finally nitrided at 1450°C until the silicon turns into silicon nitride, and the resulting product is dense. When grinding silicon nitride products, the original ball milling device for making silicon nitride powder simply places the silicon nitride products in the ball mill bowl for ball milling. It takes time to grind silicon nitride products that are too large, and the ball milling efficiency is low. , causing inconvenience to workers during ball milling operations and affecting work progress. Ordinary sand mills have fast processing speed and high efficiency, but the cost is high. The finer the raw material powder, the better the sintering performance, and it is easier to form a uniform and good organizational structure. General sintering technology requires the average particle size of the powder to be at least sub-micron, that is, 0.1~1.0µm. The average particle size d50 of this powder is around 4µm, and the particle size distribution is bimodal saddle-shaped.

How to grind silicon nitride powder-ultrafine vertical mill

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How to grind silicon nitride powder?Guilin Hongcheng HLMX silicon nitride ultrafine vertical mill is an ideal mill for grinding silicon nitride powder. It breaks through the bottleneck of high-fine powder processing capacity, can replace imported equipment, and becomes an ideal equipment for large-scale production of high-fine powder. The particle size of the finished product of HLMX silicon nitride ultrafine vertical mill can reach 3-45μm. The classifier and fan adopt variable frequency speed control. By adjusting the speed of the classifier and fan impeller, stable finished product fineness of different specifications and classification efficiency can be quickly obtained. One vertical mill can produce products of different specifications, and can also quickly and stably produce products of the same fineness.

The entire system of the HLMX silicon nitride ultrafine vertical mill has low vibration and low noise; the system is fully sealed and operates under full negative pressure, with no dust spillage, basically enabling a dust-free workshop. If you want to know more details about silicon nitride grinding mill equipment, please leave us a message.

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