Titanium dioxide grinding machine selection reference

Release date: 2023-08-17

Titanium dioxide, commonly known as titanium dioxide (Ti02), is an important chemical raw material. It not only has very stable physical and chemical properties, but also has excellent optical and electrical properties and excellent pigment properties. It is currently a popular white pigment. However, a large number of experimental studies and practical applications have proved that only when it exists in the form of dispersed fine powder will it show its excellent performance under the joint action of many microcrystals. So, what kind of machine is used for titanium dioxide crushing? Guilin Hongcheng, as a manufacturer of titanium dioxide grinding machinery, will introduce you to the selection reference of titanium dioxide grinding machine today.

The dry process is currently the commonly used titanium dioxide crushing and grinding process. At home and abroad, the equipment used for primary crushing and dry grinding of titanium dioxide mainly includes Raymond mills, ball mills, centrifugal mills and sand mills.

What machine is used for titanium dioxide crushing? Raymond mill is an ideal equipment for primary pulverizing dry grinding of titanium dioxide. At present, there are many manufacturers of Raymond mills at home and abroad, and the product quality is also uneven, and the performance and price gaps are also large. From the production practice of titanium dioxide, domestic common Raymond mills have the following disadvantages compared with imported mills:

1. In terms of economic operation indicators, the power consumption index of domestic mills is about twice that of imported mills.

2. In terms of product quality, the quality of wear-resistant parts of domestic mills is not very high, which has certain pollution to the product, and the particle size of the finished product is not as fine as that produced by foreign mills, and the particle size distribution is relatively wide.

3. In terms of maintenance and operation indicators, the operation of domestic mills is not very stable, and frequent maintenance is required, and the grinding rollers need to be replaced 2 to 3 times a year. The operation of foreign mills is relatively stable.

4. In terms of price, imported mills are several times the price of domestic mills.

Reference for titanium dioxide grinding machinery selection: At present, the output of domestic ordinary Raymond machined titanium dioxide is about 0.8-1.5t/h per hour, and the output of imported Raymond mills can reach 3t/h. In response to the above market conditions of titanium dioxide grinding machinery, as a manufacturer of titanium dioxide grinding machinery, since Hongcheng established the powder equipment research center in 2008, according to the properties of titanium ore and the characteristic requirements of the titanium dioxide industry, it has devoted itself to research and developed a HCT titanium dioxide grinding mill. This mill is an ideal equipment to replace traditional Raymond mills, high-energy ball mills and high-cost imported Raymond mills. Compared with traditional Raymond mills, HCT series titanium dioxide mills save more than 50% of the energy consumption per ton, breaking through the production bottleneck of traditional Raymond mills, and the hourly production capacity can reach 2-8t/h. The patented maintenance-free structure is adopted to realize the lubricating grease once every 300-500 hours, which breaks the pattern that the traditional Raymond mill needs to be refueled every day for maintenance, and completely solves the problem that the traditional Raymond mill often produces oil leakage due to seal failure. Equipment failure caused by pollution and grinding roller assembly powder, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Titanium dioxide grinding machine selection reference-Raymond mill hc1300

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Hongcheng Titanium Dioxide Grinding Machinery has low noise, high dust removal efficiency and no dust pollution. It not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the operating environment of workers. The mechanical system of HCT titanium dioxide powder mill adopts a unique design and does not accumulate powder, so as to avoid the situation of frequent blockage of sorting machines and pipelines. The fineness is stable, the controllability is strong, and the dispersion is improved and stable. At the same time, due to the improvement of product fineness, the whiteness, decolorization power and oil absorption of titanium dioxide products are also improved. If you want to know more details about titanium dioxide grinding machinery and equipment, please leave us a message.

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