Aluminum hydroxide crushing equipment comparison

Release date: 2023-08-18

Aluminum hydroxide is an important chemical product that is widely used in many fields. Different industries have different requirements for the particle size and fineness of aluminum hydroxide. The aluminum hydroxide crushing equipment commonly used in the crushing process of aluminum hydroxide includes three kinds of crushing equipment: horizontal mechanical impact crusher, jet mill and vertical mill. The production test proves that compared with the other two types of equipment, the vertical grinding mill has the advantages of simple operation, stable and reliable operation, high production capacity and low energy consumption. As a manufacturer of aluminum hydroxide crushing equipment, Guilin Hongcheng will introduce you to the comparison of aluminum hydroxide crushing equipment today.

1. Horizontal Mechanical Impact Mill

Its working principle is that aluminum hydroxide particles are sent into the first-stage crushing chamber by a continuous quantitative feeder, and the five twisted blades on the crushing impeller rotate to form wind pressure and airflow circulation, and the particles rotating with the airflow impact, collide, Friction and shearing; at the same time, under the action of centrifugal force, the particles rush to the inner wall to be impacted, rubbed, sheared, etc., and are repeatedly crushed into fine powder. The fine powder enters the second-stage classification chamber along with the airflow, and the five radially arranged blades on the classification impeller form airflow resistance. The gap between the inclined surface and the cone surface of the bushing is effectively crushed, and the final product is sucked out of the machine by the airflow and collected. As the demand for aluminum hydroxide fillers increases and the requirements for quality indicators become higher and higher, it is increasingly difficult for horizontal mechanical impact mills to meet the requirements of customers and the production of high-quality fillers, mainly manifested in unstable product quality, Poor performance, large fluctuations in product moisture, 320 mesh residues often exceed the standard; high energy consumption, low output; low degree of automation, short cleaning cycle, high labor intensity, etc.

2. Jet Mill

Its working principle is that aluminum hydroxide particles are fed into the mill by a continuous quantitative feeder, and the fed materials are impacted by the airflow impact energy of the horizontally arranged nozzles, and the collisions and collisions caused by the expansion of the airflow and the suspension and tumbling of the fluidized bed. It is crushed by friction, and driven by the negative pressure airflow, it passes through the turbine classifying device installed on the top, the fine powder is discharged out of the machine and collected by the bag filter, and the coarse powder is settled by gravity and returned to the crushing area for further crushing. The jet mill has a compact structure and a high degree of automation. The crushed products have the advantages of small moisture, narrow coarseness distribution, and low 320-mesh residue. It is especially suitable for users with relatively low moisture in products. But its disadvantage is high power consumption, which greatly increases the cost of the whole aluminum hydroxide filler.

3. Vertical Grinding Mill

Its working principle is that the motor drives the reducer to drive the grinding disc to rotate, and the aluminum hydroxide particles are sent to the center of the rotating grinding disc by the wind-lock feeding equipment, and the material enters the grinding path under the action of centrifugal force. The grinding roller rotates continuously, and the material is crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing. At the same time, hot air is sprayed upwards at high speed from the air ring surrounding the grinding disc, and the ground material is blown up and dried, and enters the classifier with the wind. The qualified fine powder passes through smoothly and is collected by the dust collection equipment to become the product. . The unqualified coarse powder falls back to the grinding table under the action of the blades of the classifier, and is re-grinded together with the newly fed materials. This cycle completes the whole process of grinding. The product indicators produced by the vertical mill are similar to those produced by the jet mill, but the power consumption is greatly reduced. The vertical mill equipment combines crushing and ultra-fine classifier, which has the characteristics of simple structure and good performance. A notable feature of this device is the combination of pre-grading and checking-grading functions. It is helpful to improve the crushing efficiency, reduce the equipment load, and at the same time ensure the product quality and reduce the consumption. The product particle size can be achieved by the speed of the classifier. This classifier has high classification accuracy, narrow product particle size distribution range, convenient adjustment, and less influence by incoming materials. Coarse particles will not be mixed into the fine powder through the gap, ensuring that the particle size of the product is completely controlled by the classifying wheel, and the speed of the classifying wheel is controlled by the frequency converter. The particle size of the product can be adjusted arbitrarily within the maximum limit. At the same time, a special sealing isolation device is designed on the rotating part of the classifier to prevent fine powder from entering the bearing, thus effectively overcoming the wear of the high-speed running bearing and prolonging its life.

Aluminum hydroxide crushing equipment comparison-hlmx880 ultrafine vertical mill

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