​Technical process of vertical mill phosphorus slag powder

Release date: 2023-06-05

The main components of phosphorus slag are calcium oxide and silicon dioxide, which have good activity and are widely used in the building material industry. In recent years, phosphorus slag micropowder has also been widely used in commercial concrete. The market prospect is good, and there are good social and economic benefits. Vertical mill phosphorus slag powder is the most widely used phosphorus slag grinding process at present. The system investment and operation and maintenance costs are low, the system reliability is high, the power consumption of the system is low, and the particle shape of the grinding product is better than that of the roller press. The products produced by the final grinding system, so under the same specific surface area, the product performance is better. As a manufacturer of phosphorus slag vertical mill, today Guilin Hongcheng will introduce to you the technical requirements of phosphorus slag grinding and the process flow of vertical mill phosphorus slag powder.

Technical process of vertical mill phosphorus slag powder

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The vertical mill was originally used to grind coal powder, and its specifications were also small. It was used to grind cement raw materials in the late 1970s, and the specifications became larger and larger. Since the mid-1980s, with the development of vertical mills With continuous improvement and research and development of new wear-resistant materials, the vertical mill has achieved success in grinding cement clinker. Compared with other grinding systems, the vertical mill phosphorus slag powder process has the functions of drying, grinding and powder selection. The advantages of simplicity and high output of a single machine, it is not necessary to set up a drying device for grinding materials with high moisture content, so the system investment and operation and maintenance costs are low. The system has high reliability and low power consumption for grinding, grinding 420m/kg The unit power consumption of specific surface area slag powder is about 45kWh/t.

Process flow of vertical mill phosphorus slag powder: slag is transported into the factory by train or automobile and unloaded to the joint storage warehouse for storage; then it is sent to the slag warehouse of the batching station through grab buckets and belt conveyors for storage. There is a feeding scale at the bottom of the slag bin. The slag in the bin is quantitatively discharged by the belt feeding scale, and sent to the vertical mill system through the belt conveyor. In order to prevent metal pieces from entering the grinding mill, electromagnetic separators and metal detectors are installed on the grinding belt conveyor. The slag sent from the raw material system is fed into the vertical mill for drying and grinding through the pneumatic flap valve and air lock feeding valve. The material fed into the mill is squeezed by the grinding roller on the rotating grinding table, and crushed under a certain load. The ground material is lifted by the hot air and carried by the air, and sent to the high-efficiency powder classifier located on the upper part of the vertical mill for sorting. into coarse powder and fine powder; the fine powder, that is, the finished product, is collected by the bag filter, and sent to the finished product system through chutes, elevators and other conveying equipment; the coarse powder falls on the grinding disc and is ground again. The discharge from the vertical mill is sent back to the vertical mill through iron remover, hoist, conveyor and other equipment for grinding. After the waste gas is dedusted by the high-efficiency bag filter, it is discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust fan through the chimney, and the drying heat source is provided by the gas hot blast stove. Qualified vertical mill phosphorus slag powder is sent to 3 φ15X40m and 1 φ8X25m slag powder warehouses for storage through elevators and conveyors. The slag powder warehouse is equipped with an open inflatable chute. After inflation, the vertical mill phosphorus slag powder can be sent to the bulk vehicle through the unloading equipment at the bottom of the warehouse and the automobile bulk machine for transportation to the factory.

The vertical roller mill phosphorus slag powder has mature production technology, stable product quality, meets the technical requirements of phosphorus slag grinding, and saves energy and reduces consumption in the production process. The vertical mill phosphorus slag powder admixture has excellent dispersibility, which can improve the performance of the surface of concrete powder particles, produce fluidization effect and reinforcement effect, and can achieve high strength, high fluidity and good rheological properties at the same time, and the late strength of concrete High, crack resistance and durability, etc., the market response is good. If you have requirements for the vertical mill phosphorus slag powder project, please leave us a message to learn more about the equipment.

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