Process flow of water slag mill production line

Release date: 2023-02-07

What equipment do we recommend for the water slag mill production line? What is the process flow of the water slag mill production line? Let's first understand what is water slag, what is its use and the process flow of water slag mill production line.

Process flow of water slag mill production line

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1. What is water dregs

Water slag refers to ironmaking blast furnace slag. In the state of high-temperature melting, it becomes the shape of granulated foam after rapid cooling with water, milky white, light and brittle, porous, and easy to grind into fine powder. It is a soft material for foamed silicate building products, slag sound-absorbing bricks, heat insulation layers, and water-absorbing layers.

Water slag is formed by rapidly cooling molten blast furnace slag in water. There are mainly two ways: slag pool water quenching and furnace front water quenching.

Water slag is used as a building material for the production of cement and concrete. Due to its potential hydraulic gelling properties, water slag can be used as a high-quality cement raw material under the action of cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other activators, and can be made into: slag silicon Salt cement, gypsum slag cement, lime slag cement, slag brick, slag concrete, etc., can also be used as a raw material for the production of environmentally friendly cement bricks.

What kind of grinding equipment is used to grind water slag and other solid waste? Guilin Hongcheng is a professional manufacturer of water slag mill production line. It has rich experience and superb technology. The vertical grinding mill equipment it provides can save energy and increase production. The process is scientific and the milling efficiency is high. It has won water slag, steel slag, Fly ash, coal gangue and other solid waste residues are favored and loved by customers.

2. Process flow of slag mill production line

The technological process of the vertical mill is scientific, mainly including four steps of crushing, grinding, classification and powder collection.

Through the crusher, the raw ore is crushed. in the milling link, the crushed material is crushed by extrusion, grinding and shearing under the pressure of the grinding roller. Hot air is sprayed upwards at high speed from the air ring surrounding the grinding table, and the ground material is blown up by the high-speed airflow at the air ring. On the one hand, the coarser-grained material is blown back to the grinding table for re-grinding. After drying, the fine powder is brought into the grading machine by the hot air for grading, and the qualified fine powder goes out of the mill along with the airflow, and is collected by the dust collection equipment to become the product.

In the field of industrial solid waste, vertical mill equipment is a mill equipment that helps solid waste realize the value of recycling. In order to meet the production needs of the industry, Hongcheng Mine, based on the field of solid waste, has devoted itself to the development of sophisticated grinding equipment and a complete set of grinding production line solutions, and continues to provide high-quality grinding equipment and complete sets for the recycling of solid waste such as water slag and steel slag. To learn more about the water slag mill production line, please leave a message for consultation.

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