Phosphogypsum Grinding Equipment and Application

Release date: 2022-11-14

Phosphogypsum is mainly gray-black and gray-white, with a particle size of 5 to 50 μm and a crystal water content of 20% to 25%. Phosphogypsum is a solid waste produced in the wet phosphoric acid process, and its main component is calcium sulfate dihydrate. The composition of phosphogypsum is quite complex. In addition to calcium sulfate, there are also incompletely decomposed phosphate rock, residual phosphoric acid, fluoride, acid insoluble matter, organic matter, etc. Among them, the existence of fluorine and organic matter has the greatest impact on the resource utilization of phosphogypsum.  The random discharge and accumulation of gypsum seriously damage the ecological environment, which not only pollutes groundwater resources, but also wastes land resources.

Phosphogypsum Grinding Equipment and Application

Phosphogypsum Grinding Equipment and Application, welcome to leave a message or consult [email protected]

1. What is the use of phosphogypsum after processing?

Phosphogypsum has a large output, is widely used, and can be recycled and reused. The use of phosphogypsum after grinding is as follows:

(1). It can be used in the production of sulfuric acid and cement. The phosphogypsum-to-sulfuric acid co-production cement technology makes the sulfur in the phosphogypsum regenerate into sulfuric acid, and other components form cement clinker;

(2). Can be used as cement retarder. Phosphogypsum is used alone or mixed with dihydrate gypsum in an appropriate proportion as a cement retarder. The performance of the prepared cement is equivalent to that of natural gypsum, but the dosage is lower than that of natural gypsum, which can reduce the cost of cement production;

(3). It can be used for the production of chemical raw materials. Phosphogypsum is rich in calcium and sulfur resources, which can be commercialized through certain production processes.

2. Selection of phosphogypsum grinding equipment

A vertical mill is recommended for phosphogypsum grinding equipment. Guilin Hongcheng has pioneered research and development of a drying and grinding system based on the development trend of the industry, aiming at the bottleneck of traditional mills with low output, high energy consumption and high maintenance costs. The HLM vertical mill, which integrates grading, grading and conveying, has set off a frenzy of imitation in the field of large-scale milling, and has become the mainstream equipment in the field of coal, cement, slag, and non-metallic ore milling.

Guilin Hongcheng Environmental Protection Mill: HLM Vertical Mill

{Finished particle size}: 22-180μm

{Product output}: 5-200t/h

{Application scope}: Electric power, metallurgy, rubber, coatings, plastics, pigments, inks, building materials, medicine, food and other fields are all widely used fields of vertical grinding equipment.

{Application material}: It is very suitable for grinding non-metallic minerals such as carbide slag, lignite, chalk, cement clinker, cement raw meal, quartz sand, steel slag, slag, pyrophyllite, iron ore, etc. easy to use.

{grinding characteristics}: It has very strong adaptability to unusually difficult to grind, easy to grind, high-humidity and dry materials. It has a wide range of grinding fields and a variety of grinding types.

3. The price of phosphogypsum grinding equipment

The above understands the use of phosphogypsum after processing and the selection of phosphogypsum grinding equipment. Then the price of a set of phosphogypsum grinding equipment is based on the fineness of the phosphogypsum to be milled, as well as the output, installation area, environment and other factors. The price of the quotation is different for different production needs, and you need to consult the mill manufacturer in detail to obtain it.

Guilin Hongcheng is a professional manufacturer of grinding mills, which can meet the different needs of phosphogypsum grinding and processing. Guilin Hongcheng is customer-centric and is committed to providing a complete set of powder processing solutions. Hongcheng has a large-scale milling trial grinding center. Customers can provide trial grinding processing with incoming materials. According to different types of materials and customer needs, choose professional trial grinding equipment, seeing is believing. The trial grinding data will make your return on investment higher.  welcome to leave a message for details.

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